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    Oops. I guess I sort of missed the title.
  2. Thalia

    After skimming through rhe previous posts, it looks like the majority of you view Wikileaks as a positive thing (although I may be missing something). I think some of the footage that I have heard about should be seen. I have also heard that a lot of the released information is just "he said, she said" stuff. However, from what I have heard, it sounds like this website has released the names of people who have cooperated with the US government in Afghanistan or Iraq or other countries. All these people could be either dead or in danger. It also discourages people from cooperating with the US if they think their name is going to be posted on the internet. This is the part that I have a problem with. This site is putting people's lives in danger.
  3. Thalia

    OK. Thanks!
  4. Thalia

    Not sure how star lite connects but. . .
  5. Thalia

    Ramusane: Do you need the explanations or is this just for fun?
  6. Thalia

    Ramusane: Some of these are the same as your other post or follow the same pattern. What are these from? Just curious.
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    Illyngophobia- The fear of getting dizzy Is there a phobia name for the fear of passing out? On a more humorous note: Taxophobia- The fear of taxes
  8. Thalia

    I'm not sure if this makes sense but this is the best I can do right now. I'm glad this wasn't on the COGAT test.
  9. Thalia

    No one is going to laugh at your English. Considering the fact that English is not your first language, I think your English is really good. English is a crazy language and if you do not grow up speaking it, it can be challenging. Most of us understand your English and the riddle is very clear. Good riddle!
  10. Thalia

    A sign on the nurse's office door: "Nurse out sick." ?!
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