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    Welcome to the Den, Omni314. I am sure you'll find many useful tips in the rules (see "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING" above) - eg. time limit for editing posts, how to search for puzzles etc. This puzzle is already posted. BTW, the original poster sits right next to me this very moment Thread locked.
  2. rookie1ja

    I advise to stick to the OP (for the biggest part of your posts - so not 1 sentence related to the OP and rambling for another few sentences)
  3. I corrected it. You forgot to change {} to [].
  4. rookie1ja

    If you mean the following Facebook BrainDen group, then I am admin of it. Feel free to play around with it.
  5. Feel free to continue with off-topic/chatting posts if you wish to be suspended. Or simply send me a PM and I will suspend you if that's your wish. Thread locked.
  6. Thanks for the compliment :-)

  7. rookie1ja

    I still think that creating poll manually by topic starter and manually entering the stars just to give an overview of how many users chose just 1 star is too much to ask from topic starters. The current rating system enables the total count and average as well. The topic starter should have as few mandatory steps as possible. Keep it simple. There might be a "Solved" button later (I am just investigating with other forum admin).
  8. rookie1ja

    Welcome to the Den, MsJ-MONEY. What a coincidence - just a few hours ago a made a little joke on this riddle because it's posted so often Gmaster479 said it right. There is a lot of good tips that could help in the rules of this forum (eg. doing a search before you post an old riddle) - see "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING" at the top. Thread locked.
  9. rookie1ja

    You are right. Well spotted. I have corrected that. Rating within poll can be done, however, I do not advise to do that since it might get confusing. Some people doing it, some not, each giving different range (rating options). The star rating should work the same way as poll so the poll can be used and abused the same way as the star rating.
  10. rookie1ja

    NEW Hats on death row can be converted to "poll" next time it's bumped. This thread is specific and most people get to the thread from non-forum page (Best Puzzles) directly so they don't see the label "Solved:" in forum topics list. This can be applied for all other threads that are constantly bumped and are solved long time ago - they can be marked as solved with link to the post with solution. "New" solution is the risk that I realized as well - eg. after solution is provided someone comes up with more elegant solution, alternative solution, proving the first solution wrong etc. Only mods and me can help with those cases if topic starter asks for that. Which rules in particular (their URL)? After which word? I agree as written in reply to bn's comment - regular bump and consequent change to "poll" by topic starter is good. It says than "Solved: Topic Title" and I changed the prefix from the original "Poll: Topic Title" - only I can change the prefix (1 prefix for all poll threads). Additional comments on solution should be done by authors in "Poll Choice". I assume that readers would like to keep it simple - they read the puzzle/riddle and they want to have quick link to solution/explanation.
  11. rookie1ja

    You did not mess up. Seems OK to me. You just could have given the link to post 27, that's all
  12. rookie1ja

    I have edited the registration rules, word riddles rules and logic puzzles rules - I included guidelines for marking threads solved at the bottom starting with big red NEW. Feel free to start following the steps in your new threads. Thanks for this great idea plasmid.
  13. Correct. And also prefix "Solved:" is added at the beginning of thread title in the list of threads. Actual polls will be with "Solved:" too, however, that does not effect the functionality of the poll itself. The polls work normally as before. Mentioning in the actual poll title the word "Poll" should be clear enough. The rules explain how to get the most of this site - they should help. Show tips&tricks, warn in advance what is not allowed, answer the basic questions that new members might have. PS: continue discussion on the new poll-solved idea in the original thread - http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9215 Thread locked.
  14. rookie1ja

    I have amended the guidelines - first copy the URL and then add reply.
  15. rookie1ja

    Good point with explaining URL of posts. Revised guidelines for topic starters to mark their threads as solved:
  16. Rating system will be handled later. And, of course, Pinocchio and Woody are the twins My next new riddle will be either "Brothers and sister have I none, but the ..." or "greater than god, more evil than the devil" and I will not know the answer for a few posts but then it hits me - that will be fun
  17. Yes, trying new approach to mark threads as "solved" and having fun Thanks to Plasmid we are trying this out. I have suggested the following guidelines on how to mark your own new threads as solved - see this post.
  18. rookie1ja

    A few notes: 1. I changed topic prefix from "Poll" to "Solved:" (so regular polls will be "Solved:" as well, but there is just a few polls) 2. tags are allowed in "Poll Choice" - so you can provide link to the post with solution 3. poll can be added by topic starter only for a limited time - 1 month for the time being ... we can agree on reasonable time period to keep the possibility for adding poll to own thread (how long it takes to solve most of the puzzles/riddles plus reserve time) 4. let me stress that after topic starter adds the "poll", it can not be edited later Suggested guidelines for topic starters to mark their threads as solved: Any suggestions? These guidelines will be added in the regular rules "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING".
  19. welcome, me ... already posted
  20. rookie1ja

    Can you write the guidelines for this? Short and clear. And ask 1 more independent regular member to follow them and try to set up new topic just like you did in "Comments and Suggestions". Then he/she can wait 20 minutes and add the poll. Thanks.
  21. rookie1ja

    ok, let's see
  22. plasmid, the "poll workaround" does not work for regular members. The standard edit post limit 10 minutes is applicable not only for posts but for post title/description/icon and poll. Even though there is a separate setting for editing title. Feel free to start new topic with your regular member login and do the changes after 10 minutes to verify that it does not work. I asked the forum helpdesk and they confirmed that the same edit time limit is applicable for posts and titles/polls and this will not be changed in the new release. However, I am sure that changing only titles is possible - it just requires hard coding.
  23. rookie1ja

    Definitely a game. And the spammers keep losing
  24. rookie1ja

    Welcome to the Den, TeeMo. I locked the same topic yesterday with a short comment (I am sure you can find it). This is an oldie. However, I encourage you to post new and original puzzles which have not been posted yet. A few useful tips to enjoy this forum can be found in the rules (see "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING" at the top). Thread locked.
  25. rookie1ja

    Welcome to the Den, Terminator. This one is, of course, posted several times. Thread locked.
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