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  1. off to New Logic/Math Puzzles
  2. ???, you are probably using MS Internet Explorer. All other browser should display "My Information" correctly. This should be fixed in MS IE shortly as well.

  3. Well spotted. I agree with the suggested changes and it's corrected now.
  4. Yes, the location - if filled truthfully.
  5. I see what you mean now. However, I confirm that no threads will be pruned.
  6. Yes, I (as admin only) see who gave to whom and who received from whom what reputation points. For instance, 1 member received all 70 points from just another member in 1 mafia thread. Reputation levels: Bad -20 Poor -10 Neutral 0 Good 10 Excellent 20 The reputation will work only if members use it appropriately. I checked Mafia II thread and I could not find "prune" - where exactly did you see it? I do not intend to prune any threads.
  7. top right hand corner - messenger
  8. check the top right hand corner - "My Settings" ... each setting I mentioned is there

  9. braindennewbie, feel free to unsubscribe from any forums/topics/comments/messages/admin notes and you won't receive any notifications from this site

    but I have already written that a few comments back - repetitio est mater studiorum

  10. I see what you mean. This seems to be an issue with MS Internet Explorer only (what a surprise). Of course, Firefox and Chrome display those data properly.
  11. If member has not allowed comments on his/her profile than you can not comment there. The comments can be allowed in "My Settings - Profile - Change Profile Information - Enable Profile Comments" Reputation is per comment and it adds to the total reputation of user. Negative points lower the total reputation of user. Just like Frost wrote. Everything should work normally.
  12. The board might be upgraded but I am still the same - I delete off topic posts (just like the yours you are asking about).
  13. Your vote (+ or -) changes the reputation points. BTW, I have given you 1 testing positive point I am curious about the reputation as well. Fair approach from active majority is required. Interesting how people used to interact with BD - TOP button. I clicked it maybe twice . Maybe trying "Home" on your keyboard might fill the hole Yes, I worked on the tuning day and night (literally).
  14. Yes, for a testing period. The old BrainDen logo is back You could and I might look into that later.
  15. Enjoy the Den :-)

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      what's up it said on compture u was 30 years old that's cool

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  16. Note that this forum will be upgraded to new version shortly. This is a major upgrade with many changes (visual and functional): IP.Board 3 IP.Blog 2 IP.Gallery 2 July 3, 2009 - Forum Upgraded Successfully This is just a short list of new features. Don't hesitate to let me know YOUR favorite feature Board - registration "question and answer" to combat spam bots - better topic/forum subscription controls - view new content: you can go directly to the first new post you have not read yet (which is better than in the old version when you went to the last new comment and you had to go up and find the first post in the thread you have not read) - watched content (subscribed topics/forums) visible on the forum home page - more control over "friends", mutual friends (adding and removing friends is now a mutual option) - per-group signature restrictions (at last :-) - search index (no more reposts due to hard searching? let's see) - gravatar support - reputation logs (I can now edit a member's reputation points and also view the record of ratings that member has left for others and the ratings others have left for that member) - enhanced watched topics/forums (displays the number of new topics or posts since your last visit and visit only them) - filter forum by new topics (you can now filter a forum using the filter options bar at the bottom of the page to show only new topics posted since your last visit) - I can also optionally allow members to delete their vote and re-vote in polls (so the "Solved" functionality can be edited by topic starter - with newly-created polls only) - reputation system (positive and negative reputation points) - content highlighted after 50 points - enter media directly in posts (eg. youtube video) - separate button for spoiler directly visible in "add reply" Personal Conversations (instead of old Personal Messages) - invite other members to conversations instead of forwarding/copying the message - fast reply - each participant apart from the topic starter can choose to leave a conversation at any time - each participant can also view all participants and see the last time they read the conversation - search private conversations SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Semantically correct HTML - Removal of "lo-fi" version (so that when you search and find this forum you go to the full version) - no more duplicating content (possibility for customizable skin for mobiles only) - mode (eg. linear or outline) can be changed in user panel and search engines should not "freely" choose in which mode they present the search results (only linear mode should be indexed) - reducing confusion when entering the site with different mode/layout - friendly URLs (of course the old URLs are still working - they are just "redirected") To show a forum (My Test Forum): www.board.com/forums/index.php?showforum=10 New possible way: www.board.com/forums/forum/10/my-test-forum To show a topic (My Test Topic): www.board.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99 New possible way: www.board.com/forums/topic/99/my-test-topic To show a user (Matt Mecham): www.board.com/forums/index.php?showuser=30 New possible way: www.board.com/forums/user/30/matt-mecham Administration improvements - navigation, searching, better integration, permissions, templates etc. - nice for me :-) Blog & Gallery - integrated searching (search everything) - site blog - image editing
  17. rookie1ja

    If your internet browser is Opera than I have no clue. If not try installing/using it.
  18. rookie1ja

    check if JavaScript is enabled for your mobile internet browser
  19. rookie1ja

    Seems to be another one of my favorites. Check my Airplanes Thread locked.
  20. rookie1ja

    No problem, this is a good one. I have posted at least 2 of these - Pandora's Box I and II. Thread locked.
  21. rookie1ja

    I have just checked the spoilers on my HTC Touch HD (Opera browser with enabled JavasScript) and the spoilers work properly. The spoilers require JavaScript to be enabled. BTW, you can also view the "Lo-Fi Version" on your mobile (check the link at the very bottom center).
  22. rookie1ja

    off to "New Logic/Math Puzzles"
  23. rookie1ja

    I posted this one a few years ago. Search for "pears +tree" but don't limit the search for any forum section. Thread locked.
  24. Herm, you can unsubscribe from all forums/topics/comments/PM notifications and you won't receive any mails from this site.

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