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    The media tag is fixed now. [media]http://anzapower.webs.com/Temp/Player.swf[/media] http://anzapower.webs.com/Temp/Player.swf I advise to embed only smaller flash files for faster loading.
  2. rookie1ja

    I will look into it and let you know. Any particular swf file for testing?
  3. rookie1ja

    There is already an option to embed media files like video, movie, flash, blogmedia, youtube directly in posts. Just use the media tag. The following code [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHe3ag3i8v8[/media] would look as follows
  4. rookie1ja

    I have deleted it from the forum section since you started also another topic there that linked to your site (which was kept). One thread for one site is sufficient.
  5. rookie1ja

    For the time being, I prefer 10 minutes so that there are no subsequent edits. They might change posts to which replies have already been made without having record how the original post looked like. More posts in a row from the same poster within 20-30 minutes is still better than replies to posts where wording is no more what was replied to. BTW, you may find other useful tips in as well (like no external links) - they are, of course, linked to from Board Guidelines.
  6. rookie1ja

    Anza Power, I assume you are already aware of the editing limits. You might have seen it at registration of your account on BD, or when reading the Board Guidelines or even when you hit "Add Reply" button in any thread. My suggestion would be as written in the Board Guidelines I am excited to hear further suggestions for improvement (as new threads in this forum section). There is still a lot that can be improved, however, the editing time will stay unchanged. Thanks.
  7. rookie1ja

    off to "Word Riddles" section
  8. rookie1ja

    off to "Word Riddles" section
  9. rookie1ja

    Off to New Logic/Math Puzzles. Again
  10. rookie1ja

    Great classic already posted as Check out more similar number puzzles. Thread locked.
  11. rookie1ja

    Hi, there are actually more variation posted on this site. One of them is also referred to in the very first post (pinned) in this forum section - Octopuppy gave his I have actually posted this one as well BTW, you will see more variations of this puzzle if you search for "josephine". Thread locked.
  12. You are welcome, GUGHA.

  13. Welcome back BN,

    I have replied to you in a PM.

  14. abhisk, when you rate someone's post (bottom right corner of each post - the plus/minus symbols) then you change his/her reputation

  15. Click on your name in the top right hand corner. Then on "My settings" - "Profile" - "Change signature" You may find a lot of other useful tips in the "Board Guidelines" or in rules of each forum section titled "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING" - you may focus on the difference between logic puzzle and word riddle.
  16. rookie1ja

    off to "Others"
  17. chrispen, the issue should be resolved now. Thanks.

  18. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. I've been struggling with various issues (including attacks on this site).
  19. rookie1ja

    Reputation is the plus or minus sign in the bottom right hand corner of each post. For the time being it is as follows: Bad -20 Poor -10 Neutral 0 Good 10 Excellent 20
  20. chrispen, after reaching 1000 posts each member has the possibility to change his title and your photo should change shortly (give it some time :-)

  21. rookie1ja

    You probably mean the following thread -
  22. rookie1ja

    You can send me PM with all details and I will have a look - remember that the search keywords should be longer than 3 characters and should be unique. Often a simple Google search with unique keywords from the homepage BrainDen.com can help.
  23. rookie1ja

    I do not advise to continue with off-topic posts (in any thread - especially in Games section)
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