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  1. rookie1ja

    Off to "Word Riddles".
  2. rookie1ja

    Off to "Word Riddles".
  3. I advise to stick to the topic or this thread will be locked
  4. rookie1ja

    "Others" forum issue is resolved now. Thanks for patience.
  5. rookie1ja

    Just came back from vacation. The problem is in tables which were not correctly transferred to new server. I am in discussion with my host again. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  6. rookie1ja

    This issue should be fixed now. List of all topics in Word Riddles forum section should be visible. Let me know if you still experience any issues.
  7. rookie1ja

    Working on it. Note that you can see 15 latest puzzles/riddles on New Riddles page. You can subscribe to RSS feed as well. The RSS feed is also in full view of Puzzles and Riddles Google gadget. The RSS feed is also on BrainDen Facebook page. And if you are subscribed to some forum section (like the Riddles section), you may receive immediate update via email including the latest thread.
  8. rookie1ja

    Note that I delete your (and everybody else's) off topic posts. Just like a minute ago you said "Thank you" in "Jokes" thread inactive from 2009. That might explain the post count difference. Sync will be run hopefully in a few days.
  9. rookie1ja

    Off to Riddles.
  10. rookie1ja

    This is what I see. My filter options are set as follows. However, regular members see the following. I will look into it. Thanks for letting me know.
  11. Off topic posts. Thread locked.
  12. This is the permanent thread for "Green Glass Doors" game. All other threads for this game are closed. Use this thread only for this game (inclusive of all subsequent rounds of this game). The same approach was applied for Masterword game. Looking forward to hard challenges and educated guessing with no off-topic posts.
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