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    I see what you mean now. ctrl+b works with firefox, however, in chrome the keyboard shortcut is not suppressed by the forum shortcut. Chrome existing keyboard shortcuts can not be changed easily as far as I know.
  2. Point taken. I will have a look at it. Go into your settings - Forum - View/Posting ... - Topic Display Mode
  3. rookie1ja

    Both bold and italics shortcuts work in Google Chrome for me - this post is constructed with shortcuts in Google Chrome. If you quote this post you'll see that the shortcuts are still the same.
  4. rookie1ja

    Is the gadget BrainDen.com - Brain Teasers? I clicked on the All Parts puzzles from the "RSS Feed" tab of the above gadget and there were no other sites opening. The only external tracking codes should be for statistics - like Google Analytics.
  5. rookie1ja

    Welcome to the Den, Sourabh. I have moved this thread to the appropriate forum section - New Logic/Math Puzzles. This is one of my favorite puzzles. It is actually in the very first thread of the forum section mentioned above. Let me direct your attention to the forum rules (see "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING" above). You will find many useful tips there - for instance, not to post puzzles which are already part of this site (you can do a quick search before you post a puzzle that you have not created). Thread locked.
  6. rookie1ja

    Seems like turning

    Rookie can do a lot of things I am sure you could do it as well.
  7. add reply - click the spoiler button - enter spoiler title and spoiler text You can investigate this example if you quote this post (eg. not that title is written as 'title').
  8. Everything should be working now: 1. spoilers for old and new posts (including the spoiler button, optional spoiler title etc.) 2. reputation working - max. 100 positive and 100 negative points within 24 hours 3. view new content can be set in "my settings - settings - search" - I prefer to have only threads/posts that I have not read 4. font size and other details can be adjusted later
  9. Might be due to the forum upgrade from this morning (just like spoiler issues, font sizes, view content not refreshed etc.). I am investigating it.
  10. rookie1ja

    Portugal - surfing

    Conquering the waves, the board and myself (July 2009)
  11. rookie1ja


    From the album: Portugal - surfing

  12. Well spotted. For savings, the topic views were updated after 3 hours. I have just changed it to immediate topic views update. Let's see if there is significant change from my point of view.
  13. rookie1ja

    Welcome to the Den, mylaughingplace. Let me direct your attention to the rules of this forum to find out why this thread is locked. See "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING" at the top.
  14. I have approved both comments in the Gallery

  15. These 2 (like all others) are still available. Add reply, click on the smiley and then "Show all emoticons"
  16. Which ones in particular? The smilies have not changed.
  17. Enabling cookies might help. And in the help topics, there might be other answers that you are looking for.
  18. You (just like everybody else) can search only conversations in which you are participant - those in your inbox. You can not search other conversations. Try to empty the inbox. Yes, if you see the delete button. BTW, archiving feature has already been requested in the new Personal Conversations
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