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    I did a good bit of googling in my "spare time" today & couldn't find a direct connection between Easter & Eli, @ chicory & others playing ... I hope we manage to solve this by early Saturday morning or I'm going to be frustrated this weekend (away from computer) ... we can do it!
  2. tiger_lily111

    Well, thought I'd put this one in there but didn't.
  3. tiger_lily111

    You have no idea how irritated I was to look in my periodic table & find the 5th element is not Lithium (Li) !!! Maybe the thinking is off on my namesake?
  4. tiger_lily111

    another possibility
  5. tiger_lily111

    Haha, whereas I knew they'd all won ESPY's, 2 had MVP's (but there isn't one in cycling), & other similar things. Great job James & good fun heyupal!
  6. tiger_lily111

    Working on connection ...
  7. tiger_lily111

    Eh, actually probably not since "fake" is in the riddle ... dang.
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