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  1. tiger_lily111

    Guesses or
  2. tiger_lily111

    Drat, it was the first line that was throwing me off! Good riddle though!
  3. tiger_lily111

    but I don't think it quite fits
  4. tiger_lily111

    The extra lines did make it easy, but I think I might've gotten it if I'd known for sure about the POW line. (Suppose I could've asked, but oh well) I had a suspicion after I looked up "printer's measure" after my 1st post. I think it was the "verbally" part that confused me there. In honor of your answer, one of my husband's favorites -
  5. Close enough that Gubdude gets it!
  6. Closer, but still quite a way off.
  7. Some were razed by shaking earth, others felled from fire. What yet remains some eyes have seen, and others still desire. From salted rim drink your fill; remember when you're dry Repositories of such mighty tales stand silently and nigh.
  8. tiger_lily111

    At least in my building!
  9. tiger_lily111

    As someone who cooks, I can think of several! At least to me!
  10. tiger_lily111

    That's what I thought but it didn't make sense to me.
  11. tiger_lily111

    I'll give this one a shot
  12. tiger_lily111

    Drat, not fast enough!
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