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  1. Very true...I had forgotten about them (and my fire safe is also like that). Since the OP didn't suggest the type of lock, I agree, this is a good answer
  2. Pickett

    This one has been posted before here
  3. Pickett

    I mit I'm slow, it's early and I haven't had any coffee... Knowing Shakee's other riddles...this probably really has nothing to do with that, and is not just an anti-drug statement...there is probably a lot of hidden metaphors, double meanings, etc...I'm stumped right now...but still working on it...nice riddle...
  4. Pickett

    But now that I reread it, Wafflechip's does make it in the correct order. Geese, Bedframe, Cave, Leg, Table, Tea.
  5. Pickett

  6. Pickett

    It's also been posted many times before...I think...
  7. man...I talk to my co-worker for 5 minutes, and people go ahead and solve it before I have a chance to finish my thoughts... Nicely done...I agree with this
  8. well, I gave it a 5 star...I'm a big fan so far...
  9. Pickett

    Just FYI, the clues weren't what gave it away for me...the cheese, unit of measure, and molasses were what got me thinking of it...I actually didn't know how a lot of the rest related...thank you for the explanation...great riddle!
  10. Pickett

    Bah...scsw beat me to it by 3 mins...nice
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