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A Lovely Little Riddle

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Well, I haven't shaken any puddn here in a while but it's nice to see some familiar names.  Here's an easy Shakeepuddn Riddle I just thought up for my homeroom students:


I'm the love you give away

And bite you on the hand.

Starlight in my blushing cup,

Into water from the land..



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Had originally thought


diamond (engagement ring) - which fit a little better before the last line edit

And another observation re site traffic:  Think there is less spit balling of answers these days.  Most now seem to reply only when highly confident of being correct.  Tho guess that could be a consequence of lower traffic as previously there was more of a race to the solve.  Still do think that adds to the feel of the lack of involvement.

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Interesting answer! So close! . . . I hear a headslap coming on : )

I Facebooked all my friends about BD, but I'm selective with friendships so "all" must be taken with about 20 grains of salt. Oh well. We just keep putting quality riddles out there, and as you say mr. Ray Consella . . . They Will Come!

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Well plainglazed, since you asked for it...

No confidence


A lighthouse? Not seeing the first two lines.

Loving all the baseball references I'm seeing though. I see the struggle to break .500 is over. :P

Edited by Thalia
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