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  1. 1. Tape recorder 3. Map/atlas
  2. She yield, sounds like (hear) shield. The girl (she) Surrender (yield) Protection: full clue: shield
  3. Oh so close, Tiger. Quick craft?
  4. Good reasoning, wrong answer
  5. Quick! Craft heading to mistake heard. Or Blunder after rough water craft.
  6. Yes, and thank you for visiting the site. I'm now motivated to doing another. Stand by, and throw one my way!
  7. No, still not it : ) Though rather easy for you guys.
  8. Been around your world, I've seen it all, I make a stand, defy the fall. I hold on tight, keep it in, Otherwise unwise cry sin. I may be false or have thick skin, A shot or hit in name my kin.
  9. Ding ding ding! Winner! Standards are the uprights that hold the crossbar.
  10. Hear the girl surrender protection.
  11. Option in a broken chalice gone bad.
  12. OH! BINGO! 1: hesitated I love when you can look away for half an hour and then look again and "wham!"
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