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  1. Ruined option in a broken chalice.
  2. OH! BINGO! 1: hesitated I love when you can look away for half an hour and then look again and "wham!"
  3. Ugh, 1 and 4 are killing me No clues. I'm thinking ated or aged for end, maybe. Had to be past tense. What happened to standard riddle? Cmon guys, not hard.
  4. Late but I will field a few 2: mustache 3: reverses 6: dishonest 5: anytime
  5. I'd say cleavers but I don't get eyeing. Supporters could be the x. Hmm
  6. I love the back copies part. That's what cracked it for me.
  7. Flips over the end measures.
  8. or may I make some "suggestions?"
  9. Ok, I get it. . . separate Good one
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