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  1. Hope ya'll haven't given up : ) See edit
  2. Don't know what that is (those are), so no, not it.
  3. Hi Liani. No, not a bear. If you wish, you can put your answer in a spoiler box so others will not see. It's the eye icon--top left. Thalia guessed this one, but you're welcome to keep trying. Welcome to Brainden.
  4. All good guesses but no luck so far. I'm editing a word in line 3.
  5. No, not that. Good guess, and see why you went there.
  6. Gracing pages of the past Just a servant I, at last. A dozen kisses, but not the one, Bearing life, death undone. A cup of Joe for a round! And for the round, by one was found.
  7. Nothing yet. Good guesses. Head slapper.
  8. Bound in darkness here I hide Waiting now for spring, ‘til song is heard, so happy I, Perhaps I’ll hear them sing! Slowly as the clock unwinds, Time is growing nigh, When shock and fright bring forth delight: The Devil on the rise.
  9. One name for the nameless, me. I show you wealth you cannot see. I can say yes or I can say no. From corners four to middles I go.
  10. Both undying and now dead, The sword I wielded claimed my head. My gentle step was split asunder, Silent where my kin reign thunder. I lay upon a maiden's pillow, Hidden among both fern and willow. If vile waters you would drink, A tip from me is best, me-think.
  11. Oooh, great suggestion for a riddle! Thanks!
  12. You can find me overhead, Tell the man to shoot me dead. Royal bane within a tale, But for the lips I could not fail. Just a flower for the tall. I tempted first before the fall.
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