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Young Justice


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The sun (of this solar system) was tucking in behind earth’s horizon, casting a white-gold halo around the blue and green tiled curvature.

Watching the mesmerizing scene from a monolithic satellite above the planet’s surface were two somber forms, whose long shadows stretched deep into the room behind them.

After a few minutes, the green-skinned figure turned to his companion. “Do you really think they are ready for this?”

The black-clad woman was silent for a moment, her soulful blue eyes pensive. Then she slowly answered, “No, I don’t think they’re ready...but I know they have to be.”

Young Justice


“Teehee!” squealed the goggled gremlin as he slid down the ramp in the department store, whose jewelry section he had just ‘self-checked out’ of. He paused in front of a large mirror and taunted his pursuer, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!”

“Not so fast, Mirror Master,” the red clad archer called. He drew up his bow and launched an adeptly aimed arrow.

As the red fletched arrow flew through the air towards the mirror, suddenly another arrow with dark green fletching overcame it and struck the mirror, shattering it into a multitude of shards.

“Too slow, Speedy,” a blonde braided girl quipped at him. “What’s wrong, are you getting old?”

“Artemis.” The male archer turned. Mirror Master attempted to use the distraction to make his getaway, but without a glance in his direction, the ex-sidekick formerly known as Speedy shot another arrow at him, which exploded into a net in mid-air. “I told you, it’s Red Arrow now.” Then he grinned devilishly. “How’s your sister, by the way?”

“Alright, stop comparing arrow lengths and wrap it up,” a voice came over their comm. “Connor and M’gann could use your help with Toyman.”

Signing off, Nightwing sighed. Maybe teaming those two up hadn’t been the best idea...

“Done talking to your girlfriend?” A southern drawl teased him. “Didn’t your momma teach you it’s not polite to ignore a lady?”

The former circus acrobat just managed to dodge the fairer Terror Twin’s jump kick. “Well, lady, I was taught not to hit girls, but for you, I’ll make an exception.”

Tuppence smirked. “I’d like to see you try, boy.”

“You tell ‘em, sis!” called out her not much better half. Then he turned to his opponent and sneered. “Why don’t you smile? You’re on teeeveee,” Tommy jeered as he gestured to a security camera at the end of the alley.

Caldur frowned and opened his fists. Two bands of magical electricity wound around his arms like eels. “I will smile when I have apprehended you.”

“Then I guess ya’ll keep on frowning, fish boy...”

On the other side of the city, two others were frowning. “This is not what I was thinking of when I said we should have a ‘night out’,” Connor muttered as he raised his arms to shield against lasers that emitted from the mouths of a small army of baby dolls.

“Me neither,” M’gann replied. She phased out her physical form, allowing the laser pulses to pass right through. She threw a meaningful glance at the dolls. “But they do say children always get in the way...”

“I was really looking forward to seeing that new movie at the cineplex, you know, with the guy from outer space...” The half-kryptonian teen rammed his fist into one of the dolls, crushing its head and exposing sparking wires beneath.

“I just really wanted to make dinner for you,” the pretty martian confessed as she lifted two of the dolls telekinetically and smashed them together, “I had a new recipe I was eager to try, ‘chicken speed-ini’ or something Italian...you always said how good I am with Italian dishes...”

“Nooo...my babies!” squealed Toyman. The small man turned his head around just in time to see Superboy come up and grab him by the collar.

“Thanks,” Connor whispered to Toyman right before punching his lights out.

On the other side of the country, Impulse was handing a cryogenic container over to hospital officials.

“Thank you so much for bringing this to us,” the surgeon gushed, “now we can perform the heart transplant in time to save that little girl’s life.”

“Crashed I could help,” replied the speedster from the future. He waved to the men and women in scrubs and dashed off back the way he came.

If I’m on mode, I can make it back in time to join in on the fun, Bart thought as he passed through Wyoming.

Suddenly, he caught something in the corner of his eye, something strange. He halted and backed up a few miles.

In the distance, he could see the ominous shape of a large building. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t there when I passed through here ten minutes ago...

“Sir,” the oppressed technician meekly chimed, “there seems to be a problem with the cloaking mechanism.”

“What?” roared Vandal Savage. His formidable stature loomed over the gaunt man, who winced and cowered further. “You incompetent fool!”

“My dear,” the slim graceful lady next to him cooed. “Stop shouting at the poor man.” She gave the lackey an alluring smile. “You know, you catch more flies with honey...”

A red bubble formed in front of them, in the middle of which what seemed to be a rift in the fabric of space itself appeared. Out of it stepped a thin boy with dark hair that stuck up on both sides. “You silly Earthlings,” he chided, stroking the overfed cat in his arms. “I told you it’d be easier if we put our HQ in a different dimension.”

“Yes, but I have a country to rule, in this dimension,” Queen Bee responded, lazily twirling a strand of dark hair around her finger.

Savage snarled and turned back to glare at the technician. “Just get the cloak back,” he commanded, “now!”

A white and red streak flashed into the alley just as Nightwing was giving a final tug to the ropes wrapped around Tommy and Tuppence.

“Sorry, Bart, you’re late to the party,” Dick remarked, then gestured towards the not-so-terrible-anymore twosome. “We already gave away all the favors.”

But the look on his fleet-footed teammate’s face wiped the smug grin off his. A look of concern crossed Caldur’s face besides him. “What’s the matter?”

“Guys,” the speedster stated slowly, as the red light from the security camera blinked above “I think we might have a problem...”

Smiling with satisfaction, Lex Luthor sat back in his comfortable black leather chair as he watched the scene unfold on a high-resolution monitor to his right. On a monitor to his left, lines of the code that had hacked into the Light's cloaking system were still scrolling across the screen.

The Neanderthal and the children would keep each other busy and out of his hair...well, metaphorically speaking. He shrugged and ran a hand over his smooth head.

Everything was going according to plan.

“The Light”

Vandal Savage: A caveman who gained intelligence and immortality by sleeping next to a meteor. He cannot die, but may be removed from a game by a majority vote (in the lynch).

Queen Bee: Dictator of Bialya who possesses powers of persuasion over men. Each Night, can choose a player to target and a player to redirect her target’s ability to. If the target player is a male character, the ability will be redirected, if the target is a female character, the ability will be blocked. May not target the same player two Nights in a row.

Klarion the Witch Boy: A Lord of Chaos, he enjoys petting his cat, playing games, and messing with the time-space continuum. He may switch the player who wins the lynch vote with another if he can ID the roles of both players. (Must be PMed before Day ends, may submit one RID for each player who may win the vote if it is unclear who will lynched. It will not be announced when his ability is used). *Note: Since Vandal Savage is not technically lynched, but rather removed, this ability does not work on Savage.

The Independent

Lex Luthor: Devious and brilliant, he is a skilled manipulator. He may manipulate the actions of n players (where n is the Night/Day cycle) if he can identify their role. His manipulations are not affected by restrictions on the roles he is manipulating (i.e. not twice in a row, cannot act on self, etc). Cannot die on the first Night or Day (will appear to have been saved by Superboy/Impulse if his life is endangered on the first Night/Day). For each block used on him, only one of his manipulations will be blocked. If he wishes to use Klarion's ability on the nth Day, he must inform the host on the nth Night, and it will count in his n manipulations. If he manipulates an information role, he will gain the same information they gain. Players will not be informed if they were manipulated.

The Don’t-call-them-sidekicks

Aqualad/Kaldur’ahm: A student of Atlantean sorcery and science who served under Aquaman. Each Night he may use his powers to prevent a player from acting. May not target the same player two Nights in a row.

Nightwing/Dick Grayson: Batman’s, um, “assistant” *cough*, he is a skilled detective. Each Night, he may choose one player to learn the role of.

Red Arrow/Roy Harper: Green Arrow’s adopted son, a skilled archer with just a few temper issues. Any Night but not two in a row he may choose one player to target for the kill. When he dies, Lex Luthor and Artemis will be informed.

Impulse/Bart Allen: A descendant of the Flash family line. Any Day, but not two in a row, he may choose to save the player who is to be lynched (this will stop the lynch, no one will die).

Superboy/Conner Kent: The genetic offspring of Superman and Lex Luthor. Each Night, may choose one player to protect from death, may not target the same player two Nights in a row. Cannot save himself.

Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz: The Martian Manhunter’s niece, she has even greater telepathic abilities. Each Night she may choose a player to read the mind of and find out who they acted on. (If the player was inactive, blocked, or has a Day ability, she will see that they did not act on anyone.)

Artemis: A disciple of Green Arrow’s with a dysfunctional (putting it lightly) family. Cannot be killed as long as Red Arrow is alive (if her life is endangered, she will appear to be saved by Superboy/Impulse). If Red Arrow dies, she will be informed and gain his ability.

General Rules:

The mafia (“The Light”) must choose one player to carry out the Night kill. They may choose not to use the Night kill.

Any player may choose not to use any of their abilities on any Day/Night. Players will not be informed of the success/failure of their actions unless otherwise specified (i.e. information roles).

Night Posts will show: kill attempts, successful saves, and blocks. Anything else is up to the creative license of the host (i.e. me ;))

I hate ties, so if there is a tied vote, both players die and the last player who added/removed/changed their vote to make the tie dies.

In my ‘mafia universe’, actions are initiated during the Night/Day, but do not go through until the Night->Day/Day->Night transition, so a player’s action will still go through even if they die.

Blocks prevent players from acting. Redirects can only redirect the target, but cannot prevent a player from acting. The RID manipulate fully controls the action of its target player, i.e. it can make the manipulated player act on the target of its choosing, not act, or use a different action (if the role has a choice of actions).

In the case of loops: manipulate>redirect>block.

Role abilities are things that a player must actively choose to do (i.e. like active skills), whereas role attributes are part of the role description that are unchangeable (like passive skills). Role abilities can be blocked/redirected/manipulated, but role attributes cannot.

You may say anything you want on the game thread, but no reproducing of things from outside the game thread in the game thread (i.e. copying and pasting a PM from me).

I believe it is part of a host’s responsibility to keep the rules as clear as possible, so if there appears to be confusion about a rule, I will attempt to clarify.

Please put any questions to the host in purple so that I may find them easily. Thank you.

Watchtower: Y-san


1. Aaryan
2. Panther
3. dee_tot
4. Kikacat123
5. Araver
6. Vommack
7. Kingofpain
8. Flamebirde
9. Minesweeper
10. MikeD
11. ShadowAngel7

Roles will be PMed shortly. Night 1 starts once all roles are out, will end at 9PM CST tomorrow, 6/13. Thank you.

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This might be a silly question, but what are the win cons? I have looked, honest...

Last faction standing. :)

Lol, sorry...I guess there are a few general things I've taken for granted:

Day and Nights are approx. 24 hours each.

Dead players should not post on the game thread or BTSC threads (there will be a separate ghost thread).

Player with the most votes gets lynched unless otherwise specified.

There is probably other stuff, but if you ever have any questions, please ask. As I like to say: there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers...lots and lots of stupid answers ;P.

Edit: Oh yeah, roles are out, so Night 1 has officially started. Get those actions in and good luck to all!

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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This might be a silly question, but what are the win cons? I have looked, honest...

Last faction standing. :)

Does this include the Indy?


Edit: Speaking of the indy, two things I forgot to specify in the OP:

Redirects are under the same restrictions as blocks. Lex may manipulate the mafia NK if he selects the NK carrier.

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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Hehe... I do not think I played Mafia with you (it seems my last game was your first where I died on the first night) but I remember other interactions from around when Brainden started...

My account had been discarded, but rookie1ja and bonanova reinstated my account for me :D

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Hehe... I do not think I played Mafia with you (it seems my last game was your first where I died on the first night) but I remember other interactions from around when Brainden started...

Erm...I was mafia my first game...so...*whistling* ...sorry I don't remember killing you? :lol:

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Hmm...okay...not sure how to take that... :huh:;)

Another clarification on the Indie role: The restriction on Klarion's ability also applies to Impulse's ability (basically any Day ability).

Also in general: Day abilities cannot be blocked.

Thanks for all the participation ^_^.

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