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  1. Young Justice

    Yeah, that lynch switch got really overpowered by the end...
  2. Young Justice

    Good game everyone. Now Flame, if I could ask a question... WHY?!
  3. Young Justice

    Only for you, Kika...
  4. Young Justice

    It fits Impulse just as well. If your only defense is "lynch the other guy!", I think this is just about wrapped up...
  5. Young Justice

    ...why Panther. I caught a baddie, I cleared you. What, you want to bite the hand that feeds you? Personally, I'm pretty sure King is baddie. He has earned my vote.
  6. Young Justice

    I've spilled all the guts I have to spill. Well, not all of them, but my stomach might be along shortly.
  7. Young Justice

    Well, I guess it's time for the old Vommack to vote, huh? 1. Aaryan - REMOVED [Vandal Savage] 2. Panther 3. dee_tot - voting for Kingofpain 4. Kikacat123- voting for Panther 5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 6. Vommack - voting for Kingofpain 7. Kingofpain - voting for Flamebirde 8. Flamebirde - voting for Kingofpain 9. Minesweeper - DEAD [Red Arrow] Lynched 10. MikeD - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 11. ShadowAngel7 - voting for Kingofpain
  8. Young Justice

    OOC, I meant out of character; i.e. regardless of the gender of my role, I, ShadowAngel, am female, and that's where the use of feminine pronouns when Queen Bee targets me come from. This is plenty clear now to me. However, that just leads me to believe that either you or Kikacat (not both) is a baddie. I am sure you think the same about me and Kikacat as well, so c'est la vie... Actually, I've cause to believe Kikacat is clear. So unless Vomm was goodie-redirected N3, you're my only clear suspect. EDIT: goodie-redirected or Lex-manipulated. There is no goodie redirect...
  9. Young Justice

    Ok this reveals some more info: Shadow cannot be a baddie - Queen bee blocked shadow twice + shadow is a woman. This for me guarantees shadow's goodieness. Vommack predicted that aaryan is a baddie correctly after night 1. This means that vommack is either extremely lucky or is a goodie. I know I am a goodie, but after looking through the posts, I have nothing to validate this. Vommack, you were redirected on night 2. If you are basing your comment on info you got during night 2, then Panther is likely to be a baddie. If not, Kikacat is a liar... So Vommack, when did you find out Panther was innocent? N3. Go figure. (In other news, I have a feeling Lex is coming for me after this. Thanks, eh?)
  10. Young Justice

    Aaryan was bad, Panther is not. That's all I can clear.
  11. Young Justice

    I can tell you right now that Panther isn't a baddie.
  12. Young Justice

    Thanks Superboy!
  13. Young Justice

    It seems there are more than 3 baddies running amok....
  14. Young Justice

    Just to make it clear, I am Deadpool-Wincon to destroy everything at the end of D2, the only person who can kill him is Batman, but it's too late for that!
  15. Young Justice

    Watchtower: Y-san Roster: 1. Aaryan 2. Panther- voting for Aaryan 3. dee_tot - voting for Aaryan 4. Kikacat123 5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 6. Vommack - voting for Aaryan 7. Kingofpain - voting for Aaryan 8. Flamebirde 9. Minesweeper - DEAD [Red Arrow] Lynched 10. MikeD - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 11. ShadowAngel7- voting for Aaryan At least put up a real defense Aarian.