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  1. Well done... (sorry, mjay... I"ll leave it to you to crush BMAD in the remaining rounds )
  2. @BMAD: care to reveal which pocket or do you prefer waiting for Ysan?
  3. Now I have a computer and just helping with the formatting Also, @mjay: I don't mean to interfere with the game, but I was simply trying to make sure Y-san doesn't take away all our chips just because you didn't log in again to correct the bets in time @Y-san: Even if not relevant for now, in general, is powerplay allowed? Table [1] East:11 West:0 [2] East:9 West:15 [3] East:7 West:12 [4] East:0 West:0
  4. I think mjay's bets are not valid. If they are invalid: If powerplay is allowed: [1] East:11 West:0 [2] East:9 West:15 [3] East:7 West:12 [4] East:0 West:0 If powerplay is not allowed, mjay, please check our BTSC
  5. Thanks for the game!
  6. Raise by 1 chips Table: Phil: 5 Kingofpain: 6
  7. Here's my hail mary... 1. Molly Sell 10000 ASRE 2. Molly Sell 3175 PAOR 3. Molly Buy 10000 ASRE 4. KOP SELL 4520x SERT 5. KOP BUY 2440x PENS 6. KOP BUY 1500x RETR
  8. 1. KOP SELL 2440x PENS 2. KOP BUY 100x SERT
  9. Round 5 Sign-ups Eastern Army 1. Framm 2. Phil 3. Western Army 1. Jay 2. Panther 3. Kingofpain Team up with Panther again!
  10. Edit: Panther said as much. It was good that the game was ultimately unaffected by my tardiness and slow internet connection
  11. Good game all... thanks for the good one Y-san!
  12. Awesome decision, Impulse... Thanks for the save... @flame: I voted myself because I told you I would vote with the crowd...
  13. Roster: 1. Aaryan - REMOVED [Vandal Savage] 2. Panther - voting for Kingofpain 3. dee_tot - DEAD [Superboy] Lynched 4. Kikacat123 5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 6. Vommack - voting for Kingofpain 7. Kingofpain - voting for Kingofpain 8. Flamebirde - voting for Kingofpain 9. Minesweeper - DEAD [Red Arrow] Lynched 10. MikeD - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 11. ShadowAngel7 - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" Please note that flamebirde has not given us a defense either (hasn't cleared anyone, hasn't provided any info other than hints that he is 'unlynchable' which fits Klarion). I would recommend lynching someone else since Klarion knows my role and can switch with any other role he is aware of (like killing Superboy off last night and making us really vulnerable in the night)
  14. 1. Molly sell 2983 CRAK 2. Molly sell 10000 ASRE 3. Molly buy 10000 ASRE (I lose $600, but it's worth a shot) 4. Molly buy 3850 TECN 5. KOP SELL 832 RETR 6. KOP BUY 4420 SERT
  15. Then we will lose anyway thanks to the low goodie numbers :/
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