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[spoiler='Smuggling round 3 results]

North Team

Phil - 195mil

Panther - 91mil

Flame - 40mil

Team account - 325

South Team

Framm - 0

Brainy - 50

Jay - 0

Team account - 499

Smuggling round 4 begins now. Smuggling amounts must be submitted by 9pm CST tomorrow, 3/21. Thank you.

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Top Posters In This Topic

1. Brainiac100


2. Framm +96.33

3. Molly Mae +93

4. Phil +70.33
5. Auramyna 0

6. Marksmanjay -15.33
7. Panther -25.33

8. Flamebirde -40.33
9. DudleyDude -100
10. Rob_Gandy -144

There will be a one-week hiatus before sign-ups for round 5 start. Thank you.

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On hiatus.

[steps out of character] Sorry, but I've been swamped at work and have some kind of virus that keeps recurring...or never really went away, I'm not sure which :/. I definitely hope to continue this, so keep checking back occasionally if you're interested in continuing/joining. Thanks. [/aside]

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Round 5 Sign-ups

Eastern Army




Western Army




This round will be slightly different, and there will be no penalty for not participating and no bonus for participating (in terms of current debt/balance).

It consist of 3 one on one 'battles', which will be fought simultaneously (additional threads will likely be created). Each player will be given 150mil BD$ at the beginning of the round, and will be required to return $100mil at the end. A team's balance/debt will be divided equally among all three players of the team at the end of the round. Teams will be allowed to discuss with each other during the round (BTSC threads will be created).

It will require exactly 6 players, so first come first serve and if it is a player's turn and they do not respond within 24 hours, they will forfeit the battle, and lose the $150 they have at stake for their battle to the opposing team. Please do not sign up unless you plan to be active. Thank you.

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