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Friends, BrainDenizens, forum-men (and women)...

I come to bring tidings of an epic multi-part game that will soon grace these pages, a game that has gained fame and infamy the cyber world across...a game where the stakes are high, and the rewards higher...a game of strategy, logic, and most importantly, lying...that's right, this is...


This game is open to all past, current, and future BrainDenizens. Some of you may have already received invitations via PM. If you have not, do not fret, it most likely just means I am not that familiar with you, or you slipped my ever-crowded mind. But everyone is welcome, no, encouraged to join. The more, the more profitable merrier ;).

Each round of the Liar Game will consist of a different game. The winners of each round will be allowed to keep their winnings into succeeding rounds, the losers will carry a debt, which they will be made to pay back by any means *cough*. To win the entire Liar Game Tournament, you must participate in the final round. However, if you have a positive balance, you may choose to skip any round, but for each round you skip, you will lose half your current winnings. If you are in debt, then for each round you continue on to, your debt is reduced by half.

Now, some of you may be familiar with the Liar Game as described in the manga of the same name. This tournament will follow a game sequence based upon that, but all of the games will be modified to fit in a forum format, some to a great degree (i.e. Musical Chairs), so knowledge of the strategems used in that story may or may not help you.

Each game will have it's own rules, which will be revealed in each round and not before. Newcomers are welcome at any round of the game, and will start out with a balance that is the average of all the current players.

Sign up for the first round:

Liar Game BD First Round roster:






If you have further questions, feel free to ask, I will answer if the Liar Game offices permit ;).

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Lol...all will revealed...in time ;P.

We'll wait a few more days for stragglers, meanwhile, to facilitate things, I'll start explaining the first round:

Each player has been loaned *cough* 100 million BD$. At the end of the round, they will have to return this to the Liar Game officials. If the player has a surplus, they may keep it, if they cannot return the full 100 mil, they will have a debt.

In the first round each player will be paired against another player (if we have an odd number I'll make a threesome ;P), and they will try to 'steal' each other's money. To do so, first each player must choose a thread to 'hide' their money in, and their opponent will attempt to find the thread. At the end of the first round, each player will PM me a guess as to where their opponent's money is hidden. They may either choose to guess the specific thread, in which case, if correct, will net them the entire 100 mil, or only to guess the subforum, which will only net them 10 mil.

Also, each player will be give three (3) pieces of information regarding the hiding locations of other players who are not their opponents via PM. It will not be announced which player has information on which other players, and the players may do with this information as they will. Players are free to contact any other player (CC me please ;)), and I will neither confirm nor deny what anyone says, unless it has something to do with the actual rules of the game.

Also, at the end of the round, players with a surplus may 'give' any amount of money (in whole $) to any other player(s).

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

To facilitate things, would each player please PM me the thread name, thread starter's name, date started, and subforum of the thread in which they wish to hide their money at their earliest convenience? You may choose any thread that has been started within the past year (i.e. after the BD 'blackout').

Thank you, I look forward to observing this battle of wits.

(Wtb Liar Game emoticon btw ;) )

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Start Round 1!

Pairings are:

Panther vs Framm

Brainy vs Flame

Phil vs Rob

MollyMae vs DudleyDude

Since I have not heard from Aura, she will have to sit this one out. But she (and anyone else) are still welcome in the next round ;).

Clues will be out within the hour. Round 1 will end 10pm central time next Monday 2/11/13. Good luck!

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