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We have:

-The fingerprints on the trash which contains mercury that could've been used and probably WAS used to poison Brian Henry.

-The fact that he was very calm when he saw a car in the middle of a lake, even though he's really old, when a young healthy girl screamed bloody murder.

-He just happened to be at a park VERY early in the morning, supposedly taking a walk, but with no witnesses to back this up. BTW, can we really quickly question his friends and/or family to see if he really does take a walk like that every morning?

-....Anything I missed, guys?

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Okay. Well done. This is what happened. You missed a few things.

You arrest Sarah Steam for interrogation and she finally cracked. She told you this:

Sarah Steam and Nathan Thomas are both members of the Smoking Dragons gang. Steam was assigned to scare Brian Dennis with the murder of Brian Henry. Steam made coffee at one in the morning. and put the thermometer's mercury in the coffee. Then her conscience told her to dump the coffee, which Nathan, dressed as a janitor, put back into Brian's coffee mug. Brian drank the coffee, and was poisoned by the mercury. He was trying to drive himself to the hospital, but the poisoning made him crash his car in Juliet Park. He left the car and dragged himself a good distance before giving into the poisoning. At about 4 in the morning, the Dragons arrived to examine the corpse and stabbed him and left you the note. They also put the briefcase in the car's trunk to show that the Dragons are the cause.

You arrested Steam for attempt of murder, but she's willing to tell you more. However, Thomas seems to be out of sight.

There seems to be another murder on the sidewalk in front of Lady Fries' Book Store. Investigate?

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Okay. So Sarah is charged for second degree murder.

The body is sprawled face-down. It's a woman named Sinwa Terrence. She's 34, blond, rather skinny, lived on 11 Saundserson Avenue and worked at the Climax Mall. She has a small puncture mark on the side of her neck, and the area around it is swollen. There is a trail of blood starting from the sidewalk of the Burger King all the way to book store. Her hands are in her pocket.

The owner of the book store, Kira Fries, heard a bloodcurling scream. She looked out the window and saw a woman being held by the neck. Fries says she thinks she saw him stab her with something, then she fell over. He stuffed her hands in her pocket, then ran for the train station. She called the police and there you are. The man who works at Burger King, James Cross, matches her story.

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We could. It takes a riddle and some time to do so. So while they're doing the autopsy I'd look into other things. But you're on the right track.

NOTE: Autopsies will mostly be used for confirmation on the way of death. You'll have to do some figuring before you get the results. Also, I forgot to mention that 11 Saunderson Ave is the house right next to Burger King.

I'll do each interrogation in a separate post...


Kira Fries, 42, inherited a book store from her mother when she was 35. She gave up her high school teaching career to continue the store. She is a tall woman with curly brown-red hair, a very light-hearted voice, and a smile that reminds you slightly of a friendly puppy. Her dog, Basket, runs around and barks in a friendly way whenever you're around. She lives on 15 Saunderson Ave, the most north-eastern house on the sidewalk with the subway station.

Security Level: ?

YOU: Hello, Ms. Fries. I hear you're the woman from the book store.

FRIES: That I am.

YOU: Okay. May I ask what you were doing at the time of the murder?

FRIES: (serious) It was a busy day at the store. Lots of people going in and out. I heard this shriek, then that woman, Sinwa, walked in front of the store. A man was behind her and was holding something to her neck. He ran away towards the subway station. I didn't see exactly where he was going, though. I immediately called the police.

YOU: I see. Did you know know Sinwa Terrence?

FRIES: (frank) No, I don't remember her at all. She might've bought a few magazines from here but I don't think I've seen her before.

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Actually, keep her for a while. I find two things strange. First, she knew Sinwa's name when we hadn't told her so. Second, how is she so certain she doesn't know Sinwa? Ad if she doesn't, why does she think Sinwa might have bought a few "magazines"? Notice, not "things" or "books or something" but "magazines". Most people wouldn't have been so specific. And most people would search their memories, too, before saying they didn't know a person. And also ask her about the Dragons. Does she know about them? Does she know about the Zodiac Gangs?

I'll get those questions done sometime today. We're still investigating the Zodiac Gangs, right? I'll base my questions off of that.

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But not if you go to the scene right after you know about the murder, before it has a chance to reach the news. And if that ^^^ really is the case, why didn't Kira say something like, "Oh yeah, her murder was on TV, but I haven't seen anything about her before that..."?

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@MiKi Excellent point. I do think I made her a little more suspicious than I intended. But this statement should not alter your judgement of her, whether criminal or witness.

@Morningstar Have fun with those 500 pages. It's two days after the murder of Brian Henry.


YOU: Did you know a Brian Henry?

FRIES: (thinking hard) No.. Oh, wait. I sold these newspapers saying that a guy named Brian Henry was murdered a week ago or something. But that's about it.

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Your investigation took you five days. Dates:

December 12, 2011: Murder of Brian Henry.

December 12-17, 2011: Investigation

December 18, 2011: Crime Solved

December 20, 2011: Murder of Sinwa Terrence

As you can see, it's not in real time. Just so you know. I should have made that clear before but this fits better. Sorry guys. :blush:

@Morningstar It's the same day as when she got murdered. Ms. Fries called the police, and you came over as soon as you could.

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