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  1. Making Ice

  2. Whether to switch

    I wrote a quick Java program to generate the total amount gained from switching or not over 100,000 trials with an envelope value of 1,000. Although the random number generator isn't entirely random, I thought it might help nonetheless.
  3. Tial by liars

  4. Going through the tetrahedron

    If I understand this correctly, the solution is as follows:
  5. Chess problems

    Didn't know that, thanks.
  6. Mission to Mars!

    I don't see how that helps. Since the controlling ship still needs 5x the amount of fuel to go the same distance, it would only get 1/8 of the way before having to turn back.
  7. Chess problems

    I was thinking that it might be interesting if there was a section in the forum for chess problems, maybe with support for chessboard pics. Not sure how difficult it would be but it might be cool.
  8. The birthday coincidence

    None taken.
  9. The birthday coincidence

    Are we using your age as shown on your profile page (72)?
  10. How Many Primes?

    Wow. That was fast. Good job!
  11. How Many Primes?

    Just a quick math problem that shouldn't take too long. The digits 0-9 can be arranged into 3,628,800 distinct 10-digit numbers (including a leading 0). Of these, how many are prime?

    Sorry I haven't really been active, I haven't had a lot of time to post what with school and stuff, but I'll check in periodically and if I have anything important to say I'll say it.