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@MiKi Well, constantly tazing people isn't the most polite, but you don't come off as rude to me. Please do, let's keep our detective as legal as possible...


YOU: Thank you for helping us so much already. I just have a few more questions to ask, is that OK?

THOMAS: I'm fine. I'm a healthy old man. (you and he laugh)

YOU: Okay, well, how do you know Mr. Henry?

THOMAS: (smiles pleasantly) Oh, I don't know him that much. I think I first met him when he was smoking outside the Hotel D'Pratteux. I told him smoking was bad. He smiled and put it out. Nice little kid. Such a shame.

YOU: Do you know if he had any enemies?

THOMAS: (pleasant smile) I can't imagine so, he was such a nice guy.

YOU: Ok. I do want to check though, there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary?

THOMAS: (rubs chin) I am an old man. But from what I saw, yes, there was nothing else.

YOU: Okay. How long did you wait until after you saw the car to call the police?

THOMAS: I called out for help as soon as I saw it. A nice young lady used her phone to call the police.

YOU: I see. Also, do you know anything about the Zodiac Gangs?

THOMAS: (another pleasant smile.. wait, was that a twitch?) I might have from somewhere. Nasty people, from what I hear. Little delinquents causing trouble.

You can get a translator and the results from Forensics as soon as you leave the interrogation.

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THOMAS: (smiles pleasantly) Oh, I don't know him that much. I think I first met him when he was smoking outside the Hotel D'Pratteux. I told him smoking was bad. He smiled and put it out. Nice little kid. Such a shame.

What other contact have you had with him? What else do you know about him?

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YOU: When did you first meet him?

THOMAS: (shrug) I think it was about a few months ago. I don't remember exactly. Is it important?

YOU: Maybe. What other contact have you had with him?

THOMAS: (smile) I've actually not seen him much. Every now and then, we'd see each other, but that's about it.

YOU: I see. Now, who was this young lady you were talking about?

THOMAS: (shrugs carelessly) I don't know her name. But she was the woman with the red hair and the nice suit?

YOU: I think we know who you're talking about. Her name is Marilyn Cabot. (you can interrogate MARILYN CABOT now)

THOMAS: Possibly.

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Okay. Tell him thank you and have a nice day and we'll call you if we need you. Next: bring in Marilyn Cabot. Too tired to type out questions now, but the basics we used with Nathan ought to serve as a basis.

Sounds good to me. Maybe get the results from Forensics and a translation first.

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Bring her in and ask her if she saw anything out of order during the time frame. Ask her the smae basiic questions that you used aganist Nathan, and play good cop at the moment. No Bad Cop scene yet :3

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He was killed late in the night, about 1:00-1:30 in the morning. He has a bruise on his forehead and there's a cut on it. The scars on the rest of the body suggest that he was stopped suddenly in a high velocity. The skin cells around the wounds suggest he was killed from this halt or at least sometime soon after. Post mortem, he was stabbed three times, one in the arm, one in the leg, and once in the chest. His cheekbone is broken inwards, suggesting a kick or a punch to the face, again post mortem.


A young woman, age 29, works at Climax City Hall of Fame. Lives on the corner of Climax Ave and 7th Street. She has red hair, green eyes and pale skin. She's quite attractive. She has a big watch that practically covers her wrist and a headband that holds back her hair, which she knotted in a ponytail. Her smile is ecstatic, and she is overexcited about something. She was born and raised in this neighborhood of Climax City.

YOU: Ms. Cabot. Nice to meet you. My name is Brian Dennis.

CABOT: I know. We're working on an exhibit of you in the Hall of Fame. Nice to meet you too.

YOU: ..I'm in the Hall of Fame?

CABOT: Of course! Sexy knight who drives to fight against the evil Zodiac Gangs that plague the city, and the country!

YOU: Heh... Thanks, I guess? But let us get down to business.

CABOT: Alright.

I'll ask those questions in a second, running out time at the moment. Think of more questions for now.

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questions :) :

ask her what she was doing there at that time and the night before

what is her job exactly 0.o...? (her strange obsession with you is ... unsettling :P)

hmmm what else... did she know the victim or the old man..?

what are her opinions on the zodiac gang?.. guess that's it can't think of any more


no wait got smth.. can we (or send someone) go later to the hotel and ask what they know about the victim?

and when are we ganna get the victims records?

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YOU: What were you doing before and during the time of the crime?

CABOT: (trying hard to remember) I was sleeping, and in the morning I was late for work, so I was taking a shortcut through Juliet Park to get to the Hall of Fame.

YOU: I see. Erm.. Do you mind me asking exactly what you do at the Hall of Fame?

CABOT: (excited) Oh, millions of things! I handle the tours, I make sure no one messes with the statues, and we even have this fun interactive room where they get to go through the events the subjects endured?

YOU: And I'm in all of this?

CABOT: (nods excitedly) Oh, yes! You're one of the audience favorites! Your famous flaming bird above the bed is modeled, your battle against the Phoenix is reinacted, and there's even a giant statue of you pointing a magnifying glass at the Zodiac Wheel!

YOU: Then I presume you are aware of the Zodiac Gangs?

CABOT: (shrugs) I'm pretty knowledgable. I know that three have been torn apart so far, the Phoenix, the Vipers and the Sabertooths, and you took out all of them. Didn't the Phoenix come back at one point?

YOU: Yes, they did, along with the Vipers.

CABOT: That's right.

YOU: Okay. Did you know Mr. Brian Henry?

CABOT: (blush) Uh.. yeah... (pause of horror) What do you mean "did?"

YOU: He is deceased. I'm sorry. Were you close?

CABOT: (sad) Yeah... He was my boyfriend.

YOU: I apologize. And how about Mr. Nathan Thomas?

CABOT: (smile) Oh, he's the nicest old man I've ever met. I didn't know him before, but he asked kindly if I had a phone. He didn't look panicked at all, but I screamed when I saw the car. He comforted me and told me to call the police.

You can go observe the Hotel d'Pratteux personally if you want. Is that what you guys want?

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is it me or is smth wrong here... doesn't she live at the corner of climax ave and 7th?... the hall of fame is right across from her... why would she have to go to the park as a "shortcut"... no matter how u look at it and no matter where she lives on that block... going through the park would take longer ... she said she was in a hurry..or am i wrong about smth here?

BF?o_O... can we get a little more info on that before we head on to the hotel? like how long the dated and when and why they broke up and stuff :)...ahhh relationships.. always making a mess of thing :P

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yeeyy suspeeecctt..(yey for useless info/map memorizing brain...knew it had to come in handy one day :P)

@ miss.K.. thx :).... tazer time? :D:P

@thalia... should we take her in as a suspect or keep it casual? what do u think is the best approach in this case?

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Definitely keep it casual at this point in time. We want her to be comfortable talking about his death. Again, though, does anyone else find it odd that she didn't burst into tears when she heard her boyfriend had died? Almost as if she expected it.... @cav Like Thalia said, can we bring in undercover police, but keep the questioning casual? And then move to suspect whenever necessary? And @thalia She still must have known some of the things that went on in our cases. Like, all the murders or whatever. And either way, when a young, healthy girl screams, and an old, frail man looks calm and collected, there's definitely a discrepancy.

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i was ganna comment on that... why was the poor boys death taken so casually?..... and can we get a profile on the woman and old man... i have a feeling that they know eachother more than they are admitting to.... oh .,,, and what happened to that translation ? :P

edit- oh and should we go undercover and question her or leave it to one of the policemen... and if we aren't how about we go to the hotel in that time... what do u guys think?

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Our reactions to things we know and things we see are different. For example, when I saw 9/11 on the tv, it was horrifying but I didn't scream. If I had actually been there when it had happened, I'm pretty sure I would have been screaming.

When I said suspect, I guess I was going more for the security arrangements. Keep it casual though. As for her boyfriend, that is strange. Maybe talk about her boyfriend first and ask about the shortcut at the end.

Again, can we get that translation? Or an image of the characters and I'll translate it?

Umm. Let's hold off on the taser for now. :)

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@ thalia .... u can read chinese ? 0_0

and i agree with the way of discussion .. bf first then the shortcut

yes of course no tazer.. i was joking :P

i'm new to this whole brian dennis thing but i just have to ask.... was the tazer ever put into use? :P

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