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okay so we can now assume that the paranoia was caused by this gang business question her more about the gang and the crime circle she seems to know more than she is telling... oh and... did know one like to tend to my "brian may have wrote the note" idea??? no one agrees it's possible ?:(

we should ask the girlfriend next to see if she knew anyth about this gang thing...

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@ ahh someone who noticed... thank u *nods head* :P (btw ... i found a post that i blv u posted at john connolly's fan page...was that really u ?? cause it seems like it :P)

@ cav when i said staff i meant steam too.. so don't forget to ask if she knows anyth about the janitor and where he disappeared to :)

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We need to ask the kitchen staff if the janitor that removed the trash was a normal employee doing a normal chore. From one of Cav's previous post, it almost sounds like the janitor was passing through and decided to be helpful. The comment says "...because a nice old janitor with a wispy beard took care of it for him." If the janitor is part of an everyday cleanup crew, then he was probably just doing his job. If he happened to do a good deed out of coincidence, then we need to find him and slap him around a little bit.

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We can do both. You do so and get... What is this? Nathan Thomas' fingerprints show up on the trash bag.

Brian Henry was killed by mercury poisoning. The stab happened post mortem.

You have uncovered all clues. You can now accuse someone of murder. Then fill out the murder report (just tell me what you think happened and explain all clues) and continue your hunt for the Dragons.

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Nathan killed him, defo. He took Sarah steam's coffee and gave it to Brian. Then he took out the trash to get rid of the evidence. It explains why he didn't panic when he saw the car, he already knew it was there.

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