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Roy-chan can read Chinese. :)

And it was used. Mainly by me. And because of that, cav took it out of play. Something about me using it to solve anything and everything or something? Total BS. :P But go read one of his other ones. The taser is used a lot. ;)

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@miss. k.... yes i'm sure it was BS and u didn't try to abuse the tazer ability whatsoever.... it's very obvious.... :P

@thalia.... half chinese? ahaha how cool are u ^_^ that must come in handy :)

i don't think there are any more things to discuss about the case... guess we leave it to cav now and see how everyth plays out

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That's a lot of posts at once. I'm gonna be take this piece by piece, probably two posts, so bear with me here. I'll take care of translator first.

And that is what I meant by the map will be important. :)

One of your officers, Chang, (DISCLAIMERS: I do not intend racism, he is based off of someone I know whose last name is Chang) is actually quite fluent in Chinese. He translates the few legible characters on the scroll. He says it's an old form of Chinese, but he guesses that it's something about a snake and a chicken fighting. It also mentions a tiger and mice riding on it to reach the moon where the legendary dragon was. But the rest is faded.

The tazer is not out of play, but is only legally used against known criminals.

Second order of business: D'Pratteux Hotel. Officer Smithers comes with you to check out D'Pratteux while the rest of your squad waits outside. You talk to the manager, Mr. Tyler Hopewell. He leads you to the kitchen Brian Henry was a cook at. Why? He acted really strange in this very spot. Brian supposedly said that he couldn't taste the food he was cooking, ("Something about metal water" says Mr. Hopewell) starting coughing profusely, then sprinted out the kitchen, holding a bloody nose.

CRIME SCENE: (not really)

His cooking area itself is not suspicious. There is a burnt stove and pan and black piece of.. something in the pan. It doesn't look good. You pay attention to the countertop. Stains of glittering brown all over the counter, presumably from the empty and stained mug near the stove. There is a small trail of blood on the floor that someone had tried to clean. This must be the bloody nose Brian had.

You open some shelves. Pans, pots, nothing out of the usual in a restaurant kitchen. Well, that's not counting the unopenable shelf. You break off the door. It shows a safe. You'll need a safe-cracker. Sure, it's illegal to have safe-cracker in your team, but when has the law stopped you before? (that's to you, MiKi)

You examine the walls around. The walls are basic wooden walls. Nothing suspicious. There's an tiny, empty stand of sorts hanging on the wall. You ask the manager how long the restaurant has been here. He answers that it's one of the first hotels in Climax City, built 1862. It was originally near the City Hall, but the Depression tore it down. The manager's grandfather restarted the D'Pratteux here in 1946. It's one of the few five-star hotels in Climax City.

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Okay..... Maybe figure out what the thing in the pan is? And Brian's a cook. *files away for future reference* Hmm.... Oh, bout the taser, that pretty much means we can't use it, right? Since no one here is a known criminal. :(:P But definitely get a safe-cracker on the safe RIGHT AWAY. You're right, the law has never really stopped me before. [in Brian Dennis, at least. I'm still a law-abiding citizen IRL. ^^] Can't think of anything else, and I'm off to cook dinner for my family anyhoo, so I'll be back later.

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INTERROGATION: MARILYN CABOT (security status elevated to suspect)

Props to guppy for paying attention to the map. Five points to Guppy-dor.

YOU: Wait. According to the map, you live right next door to the Hall of Fame. You don't need a shortcut through the park.

CABOT: (embarrassed) Um... I was staying at the Hotel d'Pratteux...

YOU: Why?

CABOT: (blushes brightly) Do I really need to go into detail?

You get what she's saying and blush.

YOU: We're gonna need witnesses... Well, there are no witnesses... We'll need someone to prove that alibi so that.... Well... I think we can leave that there.

CABOT: Thank you.

YOU: So you had a very... intimate relationship with Mr. Henry?

CABOT: (still embarrassed) Um... Well, yeah. Do I need to talk about this?

YOU: Yes, please. This is essential.

CABOT: (shaky about the whole thing) Fine. Brian and I got along well, but the reason I was at the park was because he was supposed to meet me there. When I woke up, he told me had to go to the kitchen to work. He had something important to tell me. He told me to meet him precisely at 7:45 AM. I told him ok, and it was midnight or something. Really early, I didn't know how he was up. Work was at 9:00, and it was walking distance, so I got dressed and left for the park. I saw his car in the middle of the pond, so I waved my hand, but then I slowly saw that it was crashed. That old man, Mr. Thomas, went up to me and calmly told me to call the police. It was... upsetting. Then they told me he was... he was...

YOU: It's ok, ma'am. You don't have to tell us any more.

CABOT: Wait. One more thing. He left a riddle for me when I woke up in the morning. Um... I have it here. Take it.

It's a folded piece of paper. It's labeled, "Give this to Dennis. He'll know." You open it.

I rest in sleep, you rest in peace.

Upon my hoards of treasure gold.

I will not rest 'til every piece

of gold is in my ancient hold.

You can try and hunt for me,

but I have steams that prove deadly.

What do you hunt for?

@MiKi I hope you're a law-abiding citizen! This is not a prompt to break the law, this is a prompt to have fun fixing it! However, since everyone is afraid of you, (to be fair, you ARE a crime-fighter) no one steps up to be a locksmith. Looks like you'll have to get someone by force.

EDIT: Pay special attention to the crime scene. Every detail is important.

Edited by Cavenglok
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Ah, thal beat me to it. Yes, a dragon seems right. And yeah, check to see what the brown stuff is. More blood, maybe? And what's it doing so far away from the mug? Also, how exactly do we get somebody to crack the safe? And cav, I know Brian Dennis is supposed to fix the law, not break it, but it's so much fun, you know? ^^ :P:lol:

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The chef in the restaurant tells you the black matter in the pan used to be sautéed vegetables and swordfish steak.

The chemist who can identify these non-coffee substances look at the mug. He says that it's a very dangerous substance. He will give you a riddle to which the element is referred to.

Hermes once sat on a steed

So quickly the steed moved along

That Hermes did make it

A horse made for maiming

And then he named the steed after himself

What is the steed?

I suggest you talk to some old people. Climax City's law making lock-picking illegal was passed only a few years ago. Perhaps someone from before that time knows how to pick locks.

EDIT: Yes, the answer to Brian's riddle is "Dragon." As usual, remember this riddle. There's a lot of details in this mystery to be used later.

Edited by Cavenglok
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@at cav ... thank you head master .. we shall win the house cup! :P

i'm wondering about this line ... "There's an tiny, empty stand of sorts hanging on the wall"... i didn't exactly get it.. it was blunt and vague to me o.o

and to the second riddle ... i feel that we're talking about pegasus

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Ask Nathan the witness about lock-picking, maybe? He's pretty old.... So we're dealing with the dragon gang...... Okay. Hm..... Named after himself, which would mean named after Hermes..... Is it a solution or a raw element or what?

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YOU: Do you know anything about lock-picking?

THOMAS: (unsure) Erm... Well it was a long time ago, at least 15 years ago, I like to keep the...

YOU: Mr. Thomas, I don't care if you broke such a minor law.

THOMAS: (still unsure) I had to open my daughter's safe. I wanted to know what she had in it. It was about two months ago.

YOU: Well, that does break the law of privacy..

THOMAS: My own daughter, Mr. Dennis.

YOU: It doesn't matter. You are under arrest. (pause) Unless you're willing to pick a lock again.

THOMAS: A blackmailing detective?

YOU: Pretty much. I'll be seeing you to the d'Pratteux, won't I?

THOMAS: (grumble) Very well. Take me there.

You arrive at the restaurant. Nathan opens the lock and the safe swings open. Inside is a whole bunch of shattered glass. You take out one, long thin piece of glass that has tick marks up and down it.

The chemist replies that you're looking for an element.

Edited by Cavenglok
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Yes, we are allowed to blackmail. We can do anything we want. Quite literally. Mercury is the answer, there was mercury in the coffee cup. No, but the broken glass is related to the murder. Axe of Murder was discontinued. Legacy is the only active mystery at the moment.

You guys are one clue away from figuring out what happened to Brian Henry.

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I like that, star, I was thinking along those lines too. Only problem is, how would someone break the thermometer, put the mercury in his coffee, hide the shards in the safe, and do it without him knowing? Although, if anyone could, most likely it would be the chef..... And maybe the thermometer goes on the stand? Hm.... IDK. Cav, any hits?

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This is my first time posting so forgive me if there is rhyme or reason behind getting in on the mystery...

Can you fingerprint the glass (thermometer) found in the safe? I agree with MissKitten, see if the stand is for the thermometer.

Also ask the other workers about their relationship with the victim to see if there would be motive for murder.

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Hey Ac! [Yes, I tend to give people ridiculous nicknames. :P] Welcome to the Den! We sincerely hope you enjoy it here!

And yeah, I'm surprised we didn't think of fingerprinting. Nice! :thumbsup: And @cav Is the map important anymore?

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