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SUSPECT, definitely. Ask her what she was doing with the glass. Does she know the code to the safe? And also, before these, make sure you're nice to her. You know, ask the basics. Like, what is your relation to him, what were you doing at the time, what you were doing when he was in the kitchen, are there any witnesses to back this up, did he have any enemies, that sort of stuff. Basically, the questions we used against Nathan and Marilyn. Then pull out the suspect questions: what were you doing with the glass, whether the stand is for a thermometer, why is it empty, etc, etc. Also, you never told me, is it okay to just threaten the suspect with the taser? Like, pull it out and stuff, but don't actually use it?

You know, I feel like we should have a set of basic interrogation questions. Like, Set 1 for irrelevant witnesses, Set 2 for friends and family, Set 3 for potential suspects. So we just tell you, use Set 1 on Person X, and we don't constantly have to type things out... :unsure:

Here we go. :) Can we ask the questions in bold, too? And again, can we threaten with the taser? Cav, you still haven't told me that.....

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Oh boy. I was expecting 2 or 3 posts. I'll do my best to get all of them.

1) You guys come up with a phrase. Try not to make it suspicious.

2) Yes, we can, but only if the person is a suspect or known criminal.

3) The chef says that the thermometer hasn't broken, but that it doesn't matter because it's not a mercury thermometer, last time he checked. Brian was a nice guy, really, and he was never a sadist. Maybe Sarah just didn't like Brian.

4) The chef said that checking the trash won't help you, because a nice old janitor with a wispy beard took care of it for him. The chef was tired, it was late at night, so he didn't complain.

5) It took me a while to recover from the laughter that ensued from MiKi's last post...

Interrogation coming up.

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I think we should include an x, from the word "next". I may be wrong, but aren't there many styles of x's? Maybe something like "Fed-Ex it to Brian Dennis. We might also want to include a y, as there are multiple ways of writing y, like it is in this font but also where it's like an extended u.

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ahhhhh u don't log in for like 2 days and u find the whole world has gone to hell!

soo many posts ,,,,trying to keep up .... okay first thing is first i'ld like to get out my idea for the note ... why are we only assuming that the note was written by someone... we said that it was written while running...and found "clenched", not placed, in brian's hand... could it be that he found out what whoever killed him was doing and was trying to warn you and tip u off maybe ?? can we get smth he had written on and see if we can find qany matches.. (i know this is a stretch but i had to get it out there :S)

JANITORRR!! new person to talk to :D can we talk to him..? and lets start of my being nice :P ( i like how cav gives descriptions for all characters ^_^ )

definitely check steams safe...

ughh.. the fact that everyone lives next to the park.. and that there is a SUBWAY right smack dab in front of it... is making it a bit hard to narrow susupects down according to locations..(clever cav.... :dry: )

oh yh i agree with making them write a new phrase.... maybe "i'm sitting next to brian dennis" or smth ?

steam said that brian was paranoid then reeaallly paranoid,,, let's ask her if she remembers when this major paranoia started (maybe it will help lead us to what got him so paranoid)...(ask the exgirlfriend about this too)

okay i think i worte too much.. bear with me cav :S

edit- for the phrase to include a "y" too... how about : "i'm sitting next to brian dennis at the subway"

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My handwriting comparison has been taken a lot further than I ever anticipated.

I agree that we need to question the janitor. Seems strange that coincidentally on the night of the victim's death some "nice old janitor" came to empty the trash. The way it was said makes it appear out of the normal routine. Check Sarah Steam's safe. Ask the other chef who may have known about the safe in the kitchen. If i remember correctly, we had to break off a door to get to it, didn't we?

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I'm back. Here goes.

You look for the janitor, but you can't find him. It seems he disappeared all of a sudden.

The handwriting thing is getting hard to keep up with. My understanding is that there are two possible expressions. "I'm sitting next to Brian Henry/Dennis." Sound good? I went so far to actually write out the different fonts of handwriting for each character. I may show you a picture of it sometime. But I'll compare the letters tonight, let me take care of the long-owed interrogation right now.


The lie detector is a little different this time around. It will blip whenever the target's blood pressure increases. This could mean anger, panic, or shock. So it doesn't necessarily mean they're lying if it blips, it just means they're not calm anymore. I did some research. :)

YOU: We're gonna have a lie detector on you, so don't bother lying. What were you doing with the glass?

STEAM: (irritated) I told you, I was making coffee, the thermometer broke, then I threw it away. [CALM]

YOU: Do you know the code to the safe?

STEAM: (fake confused) Safe? [bLIP]

YOU: Don't bother lying with us.

STEAM: You don't mean to say that I murdered Brian? [bLIP]

YOU: Not necessarily. But you're a suspect. Just answer the question.

STEAM: I do have a safe in the kitchen I have the code to. What's it to you? [CALM]

YOU: Nothing. What were you doing in the kitchen when Brian ran out?

STEAM: (shrug) I was making some steak, I think. [CALM]

YOU: Who can back this up?

STEAM: (raises eyebrow) Um, everyone in the kitchen? But definitely the chef, he was helping me out. [CALM]

YOU: Any enemies of Brian you know?

STEAM: (thinks) None except, well, there was this stupid gang he was against. [CALM, THEN BLIP]

YOU: Gang?

STEAM: (grim) It's nothing, he was just angry at this one crime circle. They're gone now. I made sure of that. [CALM]

YOU: Why was the thermometer stand empty?

STEAM: (very irritated) Cause I took it out and put it in the coffee pot, dumb-***! [bLIP]

YOU: But mercury thermometers are not in use anymore.

STEAM: (confused) Mercury? Hm. I don't know anything about mercury. [CALM]

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