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can anyone post the time when the night ends, according to Indian timings???

Calling, thalia............ ;)

Here is a time zone table that I posted a while back. You find the end time under EDT (GMT-4) and move horizontally to your time zone (GMT+5:30). So, as Anon26 said, it would be 7:30 AM in India.

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Guys, I need to point this out to the newer players. There has been a fair bit of talk about activity/inactivity in TMMIV and now this thread. It is N1. You are not expected to be "active" in the thread. During the night cycle, it is quite permissible to just put your action in. Maybe post once if you like. (More is fine but not needed.)

During the day cycle, if you pop in 2 or 3 times a day that is fine. Minimum of once to vote and maybe once later to check if anything changed. More is great but don't think you have to be tied to the thread. You are not classed as inactive if you go 4-6 hours without posting! Inactive is 'not putting your night action in' or 'not turning up to vote.'

Don't get me wrong, I love it when everyone is active but I've just heard a lot of talk about 'sorry I'm inactive' when someone has been gone for 8 hours to sleep or 4 hours to live their life! It's ok, seriously!

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I mean what is your reason for thinking that Imma baddie although you may make suspicions bout me.

Fine. Kinda embarrassing, since its somewhat meta-gaming but

Sixxy Rollo scores:


TheCube - 215

curr3nt - 170

Maurice - 160


In addition


And peace, I don't joke about Mafia.

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I think Araver can answer that question better.

This might actually go back to an earlier question... I think. A >> B means B does not prevent A from happening. Even if B is a Kill A would occur first and then the Kill would happen.

With A > B I think B could stop A from occurring unless A acting first will prevent B.

Say Bugs rolls a Kill and tries to kill a baddie. In these cases no one else is targeting Bugs or the baddies in question.

If Bugs tried to Kill Sylvester then Sylvester's Trap would occur first and then he would be killed. (Trap >> Kill)

If Bugs tried to kill Henery then Henery's RID Kill would not occur and he would be killed. (RID Kill > Kill)

If either Sylvester or Henery targeted Bugs (with a correct RID for Henery) then Bugs would be trapped or killed and Bugs' kill would not occur.

Correct me if I'm wrong Araver.

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