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the thing to emphasize in peace post is "wasnt needed"

molly is Taz then? huh ?

But that makes no sense as the Save came after redirect and Recruit. Only the ridirecters know the truth *looks around*

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Most likely she is not. Spy outing a baddie would've been understood (that too if there were no redirects) but outing an indy, that too to implicate someone unrelated? And the reason, coz she was under some hypothetical pressure?

I like fantasies, but not mixing them in a live game.

It wasn't such a dumb move on Aki's part. There are still five goodie roles she could be.

I can't say my role because of RID.

I'm not sure if she is, but if she is a baddie she has to be the person under the spoiler.

You're logic doesn't take into account the redirects and order of actions.

the thing to emphasize in peace post is "wasnt needed"

molly is Taz then? huh ?

@Hosts: If A spies B and C redirects A to D, will A be told that he was redirected? Or will the result be B is D's role?

Idiocy. This answer is going to show you that your logic is flawed.

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peace, you are outting yourself with one vote on? Dooming yourself to a RID Kill? Really?

3. and sorry. if i didnt do soething/left it there it would have been worse.

*crosses fingers*

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Making you one of three roles.

okm, now im starting to get suspicious of you. i basically outed my self 100% and now your saying 1 of 3? if anyone didnt understand what i was saying, then...dunno.

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peace I saw what you had before editing. y replace it with random letters? I think I know why though.

because theres a chance someone hasnt read it yet. the 3 people who needed to have. thats why.

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but it's still dangerous.

Road Runner and Tweety might wanna save peace.


this is why im horrible at mafia...i dont think.

dont know what else i could have said. i tried to hint. and i tried to limit it down.

but i should have waited. *another headdesk*

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