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@EDM I am not sure if that qualifies for my vote :unsure:

Actually, it does, considering how often us common people see this situation at home (myself included)...my parents just celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary on 11th...& I've watched them argue like this for so long...wait, Why the heck am I explaining this? You're married, you'll know... :P

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@phaze: it's only obvious due to your blatant staking of a claim on Benedict Cumberbatch :P

I have been misquoted! That was our last boarder not me

We noticed something awry when she changed her screen saver from Hugh Jackman...

@Y-San I wonder how open-minded Hugh Jackman is? He is probably missing being stalked, so you have your opportunity....

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Ooohhhhhh...that's what you meant...and I'm pretty sure you said "border" before... :wacko:

Nah, Wolfie's not my type...besides, I'm a one-superbeing type of demon cat and currently my heart's been claimed by a more mischievous player...;)

You should probably call it though, before the god of off-topicness takes over the thread :P.

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