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I saw it and I got a shock! The sheer size of it put all the others I'd seen to shame (And I've seen many in my life...)! It was huge!!! It was delicious!!! It was....

A giant green cucumber!!!

I saw it in the market.....and got to have it for lunch.... :P

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We lied there side by side, she and I...I kept thinking "Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!". But I was quite puzzled by her response "how nice".

"how nice"? It was fantastic! How could I ever be with a woman who couldn't appreciate a good deep tissue massage?

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How nice of you to bring,

the flowers, fresh,

How nice of you to sing

the seldom, sung

How nice of you to come,

though a little, late

How nice of you to think,

though with a hint, of hate

To place the flowers, on the tombstone cold.

To sing the prayers, who to evil sold.

To whom you come to meet, and met his grave.

And now you bury the feelings, of events old.

How nice of you to come,

For great was the vice

But you remained, you noble self

How nice...

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A conversation between me and my friend (it was almost exactly like this....except for the 'oh my' and 'how nice'.....:P)

Me: "I got dissection in Zoology today!!!" :D

Friend: "How nice....which one?" :)

Me: "A leech!!!" :D

Friend: "Oh my, that must've sucked.....:("

Me: ":mellow:"

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Shallow thoughts:

I'm the reason the rum is always gone.

It wasn't a design flaw but a physics fail.

To amuse me is your purpose in life.

Non sequiturs do not follow, logically.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but 3 lefts do.

It might've happened differently, but it didn't.

I should go to bed. Nah.

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Physics fails to interest me, why not just hop in the bed and learn about the NEW laws of motion??? :o

Absolutely disgraceful. I'd have been proud of that myself. :thumbsup::D

Completely :offtopic:, I hope you guys on the eastern seaboard are ok.

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