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Status Updates posted by peace*out

  1. update. its 2019 and i still havent forgotten this password

  2. proud to say I've never forgotten this password

  3. Hey! Welcome to the den!

  4. hey! how are you?

    1. Aaryan


      Hey peace. Long time, no long-winded arbitrary chat XD

  5. Les. Mis. Two Words. And holy s*** was it amazing.

  6. Suddenly paradise is where I want to escape from.

  7. A lot has changed, and I've learned how to live

    1. TheCube


      lawl me to sort of though my spelling doesnt sho it

  8. Hey! hows it going? :)

    1. tiger_lily111


      Going well! While waiting for samples to run at work, I'm trying to find various discussion topics in my posts feed so rookie can move them if he wants. Trying to be helpful, might just be annoying. How are you? Almost done with school for the spring?

  9. /emoticons/default_wink.png" alt=";)">

    1. MissKitten


      Hey peace! What up?

    2. plainglazed


      not with Joey, i see...

  10. :P I'm good! just finished with exams. I like your name. i read the power of one last summer for school. :P
  11. hi. :)

    1. TheCube
    2. MissKitten


      Hi! I also feel dead, but that is easily remedied by a good night's sleep. XD

  12. *attempting* nanowrimo! :D

    1. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Is that a pokey mans?

    2. tiger_lily111


      Good luck - but at least have fun. =)

      MoMa - National Novel Writing Month ... as in, people try to write a novel in the month of November.

    3. MissKitten


      Haha, I tried to write a novel over the summer. I failed. The closest I'll ever get is writing crappy fan fiction.

  13. Has sold her soul to Doctor Who

    1. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae


      My soul rests with the tenth doctor...

    2. tiger_lily111
    3. peace*out
  14. 10/15 songs on SGL are on my top 25 in itunes...im obsessed.

    1. TheCube


      The artist with the most songs on my playlists is Skrillex. Who is SGL?!?

    2. peace*out


      its an album called still got legs. its by chameleon circuit.

  15. Chameleon Circuit - Still Got Legs is just...OMCC (that should totally become a thing, along with LMFO)...

  16. "Ever look in a mirror as if your seeing a whole other world? Well this time it's not an illusion." ~The Eleventh Doctor

  17. Watching Doctor Who for the first time ever...maybe watching The Rebel Flesh at midnight wasnt the best place to start...

  18. kay - its 9:50 EST right now, sooo...

    im going on, but i wont be on all the time.

    Ill jsut go on when i can :)

  19. ok: when's our next party???

  20. AARYAN!!

    whaz ahp?

  21. dunno...

    i cant wait either! :D

  22. thanks, but im not enough of a newbie, nor experienced enough. :P

  23. nice - im sure youll do fine! :)

  24. good morning!! :D

    how are you?

    sorry, i havent been on resently...have to clean my room. :(

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