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  1. Yepskerdoodles, too lazy to do a breakdown, but credit to DD, PG, and Pickett . Got a new puzzle in the works but it's not ready yet. I'm going on a trip until next week so I'm going to go dig up some puzzles I really liked that never got solved and drop some hints. Also, have a new TAoBk in the making and want try to revive the Chromatic Witch series, which really means a lot to me...and I want to 'publish' the big twist at the ending (which is pretty far away still) before another author comes up with it...
  2. Time for something short and simple ;)/ ... body of water fall over or position fundamental building block not included annoyance bottom of your top something valuable a theme of this puzzle a manifestation of the id a different kind of building block something it's fun to do with spoilers red october aussi a portion of the pie above and beyond fish, pork, or steak? legal kind of coca ...
  3. Hmm...well technically, I believe the term "distribute" implies a discrete division, not a probabilistic one, but I do like that variation on the game. That seems like a really fascinating extension...I'll see if I can work on it (or anyone else who wants to )
  4. Correct on your analysis of parts 1 and 2, but for part 3...one thing to consider... Lol, nvm, I was reading the wrong post...(again with the whole rushing things thing . Anyways, great job .
  5. Correct on your analysis of parts 1 and 2, but for part 3...one thing to consider...
  6. I feel like BD has lost a large degree of it's variety in the last few years. When I first became active here, what I term the "Golden Years", there were a lot of different types of puzzles, and puzzle solvers who were willing to try them all. Now, on this latest tour, it seems to be mostly the hard-core math puzzles that get responded to at all. I'm not sure if that's just representative of the taste of the current population of BDers or if for some reason people have just become afraid of replying and risking embarrassment, or a combination of the two. In the Golden Years, when I posted a new puzzle there was usually a reply within a few hours, and even though the first replies were usually off the mark (since I have an affinity for creative thinking/figure out what to do type puzzles), it helped get the conversation in the thread started and gave me an excuse to drop hints. Puzzle creators and puzzle solvers are a symbiotic relationship, although I'm not sure which started dropping off first, there isn't much hope for reviving the BD organism without somehow increasing the populations of both simultaneously :/.
  7. Wow, I'm not very good with eulogies and I didn't know SP as well as I would have liked, but I think I can sum up my view of him with one word: Respect.
  8. Correction: for parts 2 and 3, the cutoff should be n<200 and n>200, respectively. I was in too much of a hurry typing things up, sorry.
  9. It seems the harmonic function that represents my activity on BD has finally crossed the x-axis once again...;P I recently came across an extension to an old favorite that I'd like to share. The original variant has been posted here several times probably but for those who don't know it, here is a recap: Season 1 Recap: There are 5 pirates that must split 100 gold coins among themselves. They do so following the following protocol: 1. The captain presents his proposal on how to distribute the coins. 2. The living pirates, including the captain, take a vote on whether to pass or reject the proposal. In case of a tie, the captain has the breaking vote. 3. If the proposal passes, the coins are divided according to it. If it is rejected, the captain walks the plank and the first mate becomes captain, the second mate (if they are called that?) becomes first mate, the third mate becomes second, etc, and return to step 1. Assume the pirates are all perfectly rational, do not trust each other, and prioritize in the following order: 1. They want to survive. 2. They want to maximize their personal loot. 3. They want to see others walk the plank. What is the captain's proposal? Barring the cliffhanger ending, the logical next extension, then... Season 2 recap: Same as above but with n pirates, where n<100. And finally, the new extension... Season 3 spoilers: What if n>100?
  10. Your friendly neighborhood LGO has returned. Since it's been awhile, please confirm your involvement by re-signing up. Thank you. Round 7 Sign-ups: 1. 2. 3. ...
  11. That is what that part is referring to . There are enough solved that you shouldn't have to know both parts to solve each one...
  12. Apologies, an emergency came up and seeing as the LGO will be on vacation soon (with questionable internet/time), Round 7 will be delayed until 9/24. Thank you.
  13. We'll wait a few more days. This round is much more interesting with more players...fufufufu.
  14. The agents floated some very creative ideas around. However, the Witch was in the details...they had to summon objects that fit into the rules of the round. For example, one agent wanted to create an earthquake, but that was not an object itself that could be created, but it was a phenomenon that could possibly be generated by creating other objects? And they had to remember that each agent could only summon one object at a time, and only objects that could be easily described in a word or two (not complex contraptions designed specifically for the task...although they could combine simple objects that different agents summoned into a complex invention if they so desired). Whatever they decided to try in the end, they had to summon it with the power of green.
  15. The creative agent phaze had some clever ideas, but unfortunately they did not follow the rules that the Witch had set forth here (and in the post after it). The agents could guess the size of the dragon to fit within a 300 m box, judging by the scale of the tower, but any further attempts to approach it with a measuring tape would result in the measurer being promptly incinerated.
  16. Correct. Hint: you don't really need to know much about yoga other than what you'd take to a beginner class .
  17. An ambitious Agent OmegaScales provided the final push that allowed the agents to make it to the top. Agent Flamebirde placed the key in the lock and it turned with a very satisfying click. Grinning excitedly, he pushed the hatch up and raised his head and shoulders above the opening. Closing his eyes, he allowed the warm, welcoming sunlight to drench his skin. Then he opened his eyes, and... "Holy ****!" he interjected, hastily ducking back into the burrow just in the nick of time, as a front of smoldering air swept over the agents. A few that managed to keep their eyes open caught a glimpse of the furious red-orange wave from whence it was emitted. "..." Captain Wraith slowly moved his agape jaw as realization dawned on him. "You've got to be kidding me..."
  18. Round 7 Sign-ups: 1. 2. 3. ... This round will be based on the Musical Chairs scenario. The exact rules and setup will have to depend on how many players there are.
  19. Well done! That's correct...rotations are not necessary. There is a "final" solution that involves finding a word or phrase.
  20. Sign-ups for next round will begin next Monday. Preparations for the setup are in progress ;P.
  21. Yep . Yeah, that's the reference...
  22. The nines and sixes are purposely ambiguous. Figuring out what to do is part of the puzzle. Yes, it is solvable...(this was one of the puzzles in the competition that just wrapped up ;P)
  23. Coalition Cob Cocaine Code Coffin Cognitive Cohort Coincidence Colleague Comrade Confide Cooperate Copper Cord Costume Cottage Couple (You can just say which pair it's between )
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