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  1. For those of you following, apologies, there will be a further delay as your friendly neighborhood LGO has come down with a cold . Thank you.
  2. A puzzle with a similar title, marked "medium":
  3. (Another "hard" puzzle) acdknqsuy acloorv adeilnrstwz aegjosuy agnosy bbceeir beeegr boorrs ccdeiorwy ceikmy belu beey der anors eht eegnr ehnorg eht eeeggnorsu ceefft einy llowyy abeimnrsu rruy aabilmo aagiknps aailrt abghiilnory achhinty aabcm acintvy city anost aimnrt adegir bdfr cdfghlnoy ceinort cimorrs aellors eegnr ceegkooprw egory ehllory eht bcit eht ghku abmnssu adginor aegghoprrss aehny aer gginsu aginoprsy aeiilnrs air ben aadelnz bceeilrt belu bdegooy ellowy bcikr dory belu deginr bcopstu der aadpr eegnr eegnr agrss fo egmo eelr air ehnw eht der der inorr cemos bbo bbo bbbino aglno eorxx nprsty aacegilmt aansswy city abceehl abcekop aoptz ablnoo abry aabbcdy agnos aillv agoy begrrv bennsu deehnowy bruy deny eggjnu egrsty eey eillooprr eirrssu
  4. Yeah the final step is pretty hard...
  5. Final Vaccine Tally: 1) phil1882 (1) 2) Panther (3) 3) BMAD (3) 4) Framm (3) 5) Brainy (0) 6) Flamebirde (2) Updated standings will be up tomorrow.
  6. Tally: Infected: 3 Normal: 3
  7. Framm and Flamebirde contact at 2:35. Panther and Flamebirde contact at 2:35.
  8. Framm and Panther contact at 11:18.
  9. (Sorry, got distracted by puzzle competition) Tally: Infected:1 Normal:5
  10. Sorry, something weird happened and apparently I missed this post 1. No, letters as in letters of the alphabet. 2. For all actions, the roles appear switched. The RID guess each player submits is not an action, and is hence unaffected (as well as being unaffected by redirects/nullifiies etc.) 3. No. As clarified in 2, the RID guess is not an action, and in all my games, feedback is not given unless otherwise specified.
  11. The second pandemic round has concluded. Status and vaccine count for the second pandemic game: 1) phil1882 (normal+0) 2) Panther (normal+0) 3) BMAD (infected+1) 4) Framm (normal+2) 5) Brainy (normal+0) 6) Flamebirde (normal+2) The final pandemic round starts now, ends 9pm CST 7/23.
  12. Tally: Infected: 1 Normal: 5
  13. Tally: Infected: 1 Normal: 5
  14. BMAD and Flamebirde contact at 2:48 Framm and Flamebirde contact at 2:48 Panther and BMAD contact at 3:20
  15. You may only check status once per 24 hour period.
  16. You're almost 1/7 of the way to the puzzle solution...I kid you not ;P. Edit: Realized my original hint could be confusing.
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