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  1. (You guys are doing so well...here's a "hard" one ) His gasses go to a sun by Clarke The brand a gentleman hath wedded gained breaTh weary, swindle, feEble weight, gLimpse see The herders little lads for bovine named A team cut up ornate notched ivory Kent Summers Veight Nah Grayson Queen Dibny badGe bad badgerS lack errant badgeR badE But thy truncated summer shall not fade I never did steal a gem tip sceptre Alas no war, o rebel schemes detest Bane Baltan Master Zim Belloq Bombe Bart Answers we offer Ven to Shakespeare's best Give Godfather this esteem from your heart bridgeD fort, swapped, famiLy grade, outer parT Mirage leaf, meant to conceal crotch display Proceed the stormy gusts of winter's day Ride faster my son to rest an eon Two metal discs are clashing thund'rous cry No order, lest I cue scared escapee Portend, ere duct exchanging you and I Although thou steal thee all my luxury With thyself at her solving crossword spree A chap, arms Silver, painter, pRoxy 'tween Weikath Gates Kruspe Mars Linsk Freyberg Malmsteen Eric the evil elf is east of Eden Truth, beauty: whither silent urn ye know'st Remove a smell, and recall depths fallen As victors of my chatter cannot boast A mixture to each image hue stolen Cormon Dix Nesch Braque Manet Dowd Nolan commenD, fill glUtton, hailed, oiL lightly fry Bold model vin gris lengthwise sort apply It drops as my vision relief goes bye I see descriptions of the foulest wights Zod Karath Bilefroth Gunray Ming Zedd Kay aide Role, Or muster, justly, Mouth recites Enact no clumsy tyrant's plot, I say Words differ til each letter list okay Forgives mob bosses golfing with no fail In orchestras their saw work doth prevail (We) do go in it to go on Discarding space like flattened rag on seat Thy younger open up a sinker plumb Samantha doth to Darren twitch this feat King Sánchez Borlaug 'Bride Gyatso Balch Tum pig celLblocks, smothers, fence scaFfolds, Scarves some Thy young on generation y are keen Kissing with golden face the mountains green Rake in one more man to alter luck Confused mice nod at trait like Beelzebub's brOoch needles, liTtle mesons, valves, poSts deep Riggs Benson Miller Tyler Hauk Ness Tubbs And his love-kindling fire did slowly steep One minstrel Ian takes a cryptic leap Re. outer matrix: spot key, I entreat They spelunk and with sabre teeth compete
  2. Nicely done! The "connect the dots" part was the one that threw me for awhile, since I'm apparently not very good at recognizing what random shapes are suppose to look like , but you guys breezed right through that. Now we can move on to where the real fun begins...
  3. Framm and BMAD contact at 10:46.
  4. The first pandemic round has concluded. Final status and vaccine count: 1) phil1882 (normal+1) 2) Panther (normal+3) 3) BMAD (normal+2) 4) Framm (infected+1) 5) Brainy (normal+0) 6) Flamebirde (infected+0) The second pandemic round starts now, ends 9pm CST 7/20.
  5. Phil and Panther contact at 7:22.
  6. (I found this in the archives, thought it was really cute...) Freaking puzzles, nowadays. Oh, they might look nice, but deep down... they all have fundamentally the same things going on. produce a cryptic clue at first, of an ungraceful ungulate order words alphabetically. keep putting in red herrings to pad out the puzzle even when there are only about five things you've got to find endlessly drone on with reams of boring text where it is impossible to tell what's suppose to be the puzzle and what's supposed to be a clue and what is in there because someone is utterly determned to have a big rant about something they dislike and half the time they haven't spellchecked the blasted thig so you don't know whether the mistakes are deliberate or not, until they release errata one hour into the competition by which point some smart alec has solved it because it's able to be reverse engineered from the metapuzzle randomly reorder instructions so the puzzle isn't trivial have a set of words with 'precisely' the same length initially spell out a clue. generate a word by joining the dots, relying on a fiXed width font hide words, using capital letters convert letters to numbers, and convert numbers to letters require you to generate numbers from patterns in number sequences even though the sample size is too small and it would be totally logical to work out the next number but for some arbitrary reason you have to calculate the difference. demand that you solve all the first stage clues even when one of them is much harder than the others and the answer is short cuttable using other parts anyway.
  7. Well done . Ready for a "medium" puzzle?
  8. Phil and Framm contact at 12:53. Flame and Framm contact at 12:53. Edit: fixing order
  9. Making good progress on the first step. The rest of the hints from the site aren't very helpful, so here's one of my own:
  10. Tally: Infected: 1 Normal: 5
  11. Another puzzle from that Australian site, this time more mathy:
  12. BMAD is on the right track, but you can get more info from the first weighing . Thanks, bon-chan .
  13. To be clear: a pandemic round lasts 3 days (72 hours), a tally is done every 24 hours. Players may contact with each other as many times as they wish, but further contacts with the same player in the same round will not generate additional vaccines. BMAD and Framm contact at 10:23.
  14. Tally: Infected: 1 Normal: 5
  15. Framm and BMAD contact at 07:37 Panther and BMAD contact at 07:46 Framm and Panther contact at 09:08.
  16. A clarification: the player's total will be the sum of on the number of vaccines they end each pandemic round with. Thank you.
  17. To clarify, each day (24 hour period) will officially end at 9pm CST.
  18. Apologies, one part that was accidentally omitted (added in italics): When a normal player contacts another normal player, they will create a vaccine, and become 'normal+1', further contacts with the same player in that pandemic round will not produce more vaccines.
  19. Round 6 Pandemic Game There will be 3 pandemic rounds, each will last 3 days (72 hours). At the beginning of each pandemic round, one player will be randomly chosen to be 'infected'. The rest of the players will be 'normal'. After each day (24 hours), it will be announced how many players are infected. Players may check whether they are 'normal' or 'infected' once every day (24 hours), by posting "Check status" on this game thread. They will be PMed their status as of the time stamp that they posted. Players may choose to 'contact' each other via this game thread by both posting "Contact with [player name]". This does not have to be done simultaneously but it will not be counted until both players post. When a normal player contacts another normal player, they will create a vaccine, and become 'normal+1', if they contact another normal player, they become 'normal+2', and so on and so forth. When an infected player contacts a normal player, the normal player becomes infected. If an infected player contacts a player with vaccines, they use up 1 vaccine and become normal. I.e. if player A 'normal+3' contacts with player B 'infected', player A becomes 'infected+2' and player B becomes 'normal'. An infected player with vaccines may use up 1 vaccine to cure themselves and become normal by posting "Activate" on this game thread. At the end of each pandemic round, the ending status and number of vaccines of each player will be announced. At the end of all 3 pandemic rounds, the number of vaccines each player created will be totaled. For each vaccine a player has above the mean, they will be awarded 100mil BD$, for each vaccine below, they will incur a debt of 100mil BD$. If the mean is not an integer, partial awards/debts will be allocated, rounding to the nearest mil BD$. As always, players are free to PM each other (please CC me). The first pandemic round starts now and will end at 9pm CST on Wednesday 7/17.
  20. Good start . The site had some hints...
  21. We at the LGTO appreciate the heads-up. If you fail to check in, it should not be too disruptive this round, but you will probably lose .
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