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  1. Ooh, actually Plasmid's answer was the one I was thinking of, but I like that one too...a man after my own quantum mechanical heart . And I appreciate your thoughtfulness , but nah, unlike which does have an unsolved second layer, these CtL's are suppose to be kinda straightforward (well, other than the playful double meanings ;P), and, hopefully, kinda fun. And I'm saving up my super crazy complex puzzles for... Anyways, giving credit where credit is due:
  2. The clever and ever resilient Agent Flamebirde summoned up a giant cylinder (made of some dense material), which fell to the ground and created a pseudo-earthquake, displacing much of the water (and crocodiles) in the moat and 0incapacitating the soldiers. Agent Omegascales, though hesitant at first, finally decided upon summoning up a giant piece of meat which was laced with a sleeping potion Agent phaze conjured. Having successfully dispatched the enemies on the level, the creative Agents of Sector Lambda only had one last task: to climb the tower and rescue the princess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright, great ideas, let's see if we can finish this episode up , the next one will be somewhat easier, puzzle wise, and maybe a little lighter hearted...or maybe not .
  3. Even more impressed, the High King Math decides to grant you one final reward. He hands you a circle with radius R of some flexible, heat resistant material, which you may cut a slice out of and then roll into a (right circular) cone, with which he will mold you a final cone of gold. How much do you cut?
  4. Impressed with the alacrity with which you maximized your gold reward, High King Math offers you an additional reward: another (right circular) cone of gold, this time, one that must fit inside a sphere of radius R. What is your take-away this time?
  5. Or maybe better yet, a way to 'save' someone from being released (for the baddies).
  6. Valiant effort, but no, doesn't quite fit the lines. Hint: The answers aren't limited to just being a single word .
  7. Yes, the Sane have BTSC. Yes also for the MPD. If a baddie is released, a loss for the Sane is guaranteed, but others such as the Indy and the goodies can still achieve their wincon until all baddies or all Sane die. If the MPD joins the Sane BTSC, do the baddies have to kill him too? I haven't looked at it too carefully, but at first glance it seems the baddies need some other abilities outside just the Night kill, a block/redirect/manipulate and maybe something that gathers information, since there is a good chance of a Sane/Innocent alliance. If you want me to be more specific, I can PM you like Plasmid.
  8. Actually just the first half, but nicely solved .
  9. Nicely done, those are some of my favorites .
  10. The height of point P, i.e. the distance between P and D.
  11. In a time long long ago in a land far far away (okay, maybe not that far)... As a reward for your clever calculating services, the High King Math offers you a reward. This kingdom molds its gold into right circular cone shapes for currency, and the King will grant mold you such a cone that follows the following criteria: You may choose the radius ® and height (h) of the cone, but it must fit, placed upside down, in a larger cone of radius R and height H, with the bases of the two cones parallel (sketched below). In terms of R and H, what values should you choose for your cone to get the most gold?
  12. Not quite...since the limerick is a somewhat limited form, I try to make all the lines fit well with the answer .
  13. Yep, nice . Exactomundo . Not quite...hint...these things usually have a theme .
  14. Aaand we're back! At the sight of us girls giggle with glee, Unless, perhaps, they’re the kind that hug a tree, It’s long known we can write, But did you know of our surprising might? That’s right, around the world we’re known as _____. Through the fields I’ll go a flyin’, To say I’m neutral would be lyin’, Not afraid to charge, Positively living large, Such is life as an _____. At times I may be blessed friend or deadly foe, Ephemeral, adaptable, obdurate are all ways I can go, Through me you can see, But with you I’ll always be, Don’t take me for granted because I’m _____. They can make even the great and mighty fall, But they’ll clean up - they’re generous, after all, They’ll stoke the fire, Then leave - to your ire, And why not, it’s fun to be _____. What matters most is what is worn on our lapels, Get us excited and some of us may buy or sell, We’re made of the same stuff, But some are more or less tough, It just depends on what’s in our _____.
  15. It seems to me that a set of one or two digits, in sequential order, represent one word from each famous phrase. On the right track, but actually... That is the crux of the issue, isn't it? I have faith in you BrainDenizens so I'm going to refrain from dropping hints about that just yet ;P.
  16. Perhaps check it again: Don't sweat the acronym thing, I don't know how long you've been around, but I've been around on and off for years and bon-chan (my nickname for bonanova ) has been around even longer, and it's a very common practice to use acronyms, so common we sometimes take it for granted . Tone is something that's pretty subjective in text (I've been a victim of having mine misread myself), so I can't tell for sure where your post was negative or not, but I think it's generally considered bad form to criticize someone's puzzle. Like bon-chan said, there are plenty of puzzles here, and if you don't particularly care for one, you can simply move on to another more to your taste. As a puzzle maker myself, I think the thing you have to understand is that many puzzle designers put a lot of time and thought into designing puzzles, and it doesn't seem very nice when someone puts down something that you spent effort for to provide to them for free :/. And for better or for worse, posting an answer you found online or already know kinda ruins it for people who were trying to come up with the answer on their own. Puzzle makers and puzzle solvers have a symbiotic relationship, and, seeing how activity on BrainDen has been falling off lately, I would encourage everyone to try to minimize activities and/or attitudes that would discourage either .
  17. Alright, resorting to major hint dropping: The title contains 3 hints: Hope that will get the ball rolling .
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