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  1. Ananke isn't one of your Summonings. 8 hours at the latest.
  2. Just a reminder that there is no need for an Era vote this night or the next. This night will be the Origin and the next night will be Chaos (maybe literally)
  3. Welcome back IDNE! Day 3: Quick and to the point After a long awaited visit to Hades' Shrine, IDNE Sacrificed one of his Summonings to lure the vengeful Spirit of Hades to his side. --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San Night 4 begins now and ends in 20-24 hours (whenever everyone is finalized during that 4 hour span)
  4. *sigh* of course the only inactive player gets voted for... oh well What everyone would find out: IDNE has the ability to make an Offering to an Independent, of course I have no idea what he wants to do. I guess we just have to wait. If 24 hours passes and he still isn't on, I'll find a replacement or let him be powerplayed. He's actually been inactive for quite a while, not just today. I'm guessing it's an Easter thing, but a warning would have been nice.
  5. About 1.5 hours left in the day. IDNE might be away for Easter, so he may not get a chance to vote...
  6. Just clarifying: the Sacrifice was stopped Day 2 by Athena.
  7. Also, more bad news: neither guess was correct
  8. btw, 2 of your guesses are correct, #2 and #3. Nestor is Y-San, but I think you already know that. 1 more correct guess and she joins the BTSC
  9. Just say 'No!' Kat, especially to those particular ones
  10. lolz, me too yea, I was pretty surprised to see everything get countered so effectively.
  11. Just an FYI. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and used your first post with Hermes at 6:02 PST. You were still beaten to the punch though
  12. Night 3: Everyone kept in Check Poseidon had ST in his sights. Ready to unleash a vicious earthquake from his Trident. Then Time came to a standstill. It seems to everyone that Olympus was frozen in time, but then it all became blurry and bright. Suddenly, time began to move again. The curse Cronus had laid on Olympus seemed to still be effective. They were back in the Age of the Titans. Poseidon: I feel weak. I need to kill this one before my power dwindles anymore. Just as Poseidon took a step closer, he noticed Nestor speaking in an indiscernible voice from far away. Was he trying to thwart his actions? Hah! As if that would work... Poseidon raised his Trident as ST fell backward from the pursuit, but then smiled as Calliope landed on Poseidon's shoulder. Calliope: Listen to this Epic my Lord Poseidon. Distracted, Poseidon tried to brush the tiny Nymph off him, but he could not catch her. She mocked him with rhyming riddle and long drawn out stories of the Gods. When Poseidon remembered ST, he looked for her and she was gone. --- Zeus sent Hermes flying to a very specific location. So specific, that Nestor and Agamemnon had pinpointed it exactly. Nestor: And not a moment too soon... Agamemnon: Let's see if I still have my accuracy Hermes looked down at the two older men conversing and furrowed his brow. Barely a moment later, Agamemnon's spear shot from his hand, pierced Hermes' winged sandal (not destroying it) but sending the God flailing and falling, never to reach his destination this Night. --- Aphrodite held Y-San from her obligations. Locked in her ensnaring gaze. --- Diomedes spun his dual swords in hand and with precision, readied to stab Impervious only to have both his arms grabbed by the mountainous Heracles. Diomedes: Hmph. You are indeed a tough one... Heracles: Are you certain you want to go through with this, Achaean warrior? Diomedes: Oh, I'm certain! Heracles: Hmm. Well, I'm not certain you should. And that's all that matters since you can't get past me. Diomedes: Is that a challenge!? Heracles: What? No. It is simple fact my friend. ...Nothing personal, I assure you. --- At one point during the Night SG's world turned inside out and disappeared. He found himself face-to-face with the Nemean Lion, but by a stroke of good luck, the Lion leaped right onto his sword. Pushing the carcass off himself, his world returned to normal and he chalked it all up to a waking dream from lack of sleep. --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San Day 3 begins now and ends in 24 hours.
  13. alright, I guess I'll just go ahead without an Era vote from you.
  14. about the Independents' losing their Summonings, it will be as I originally intended and they will lose them (there will be no useless/living Summonings in this game) ~this just gets strange and doesn't really make sense and wasn't my intention anyway. The Independents have plenty of Summonings so this shouldn't be too detrimental if they had interpreted the OP the other way. The reason they have plenty of Summonings is because I intended them to be lost. I'll add a little Edit to the OP.
  15. The only time this issue comes up is with the messages. Since they are meant to be sent the moment they are posted and thus have an impact on the night, I have no choice but to do things the way they are being done, which is that they may be nullified, but only if the nullifaction guess is posted before the message post. I base it solely on the timing of the posts.
  16. just an update: I'll be gone for a few hours. Still waiting on 2 people. So, it seems this night will take the full 24 hours, which is about 3.5 hours from now.
  17. Oh sorry I didn't ask sooner. You need to select either Age of Titans or Origin. Age of Heroes was Night 1 and can't happen until Night 6 at the earliest.
  18. Thinking about this from Zeus' perspective, I shouldn't have even allowed an Oceanus Summoning message to be given before the day was over (meaning not even allowing the message to be sent as soon as the night started). It gives Zeus literally no chance to nullify it, since Zeus would not send in a nullifying guess until the day was over. So from now on, when using Oceanus, I can't accept anything before the night begins. You can of course, post the message the second the night begins. And the reverse of this situation is true for you as well and I'm sure (at least theoretically) you would like at least a chance to nullify Hermes' message.
  19. also, I'm having a restriction problem with sending pms (and it seems others as well from the Comments and Suggestions Forum) so it may take a while for me to answer questions. Sorry, but my hands are literally tied (well, not literally )
  20. I too am having this problem and it's particularly frustrating while hosting a game and having to answer many pms. I'll understand of course, if this is a necessary restriction on bandwidth or something, but I would like to know more about it. Like what those restrictions are exactly so I can use my limited pms wisely.
  21. Ah, I see how my words could be interpreted 2 ways with Hades' Description of his Summonings. It says he can use them once, but not that they are destroyed or anything (giving him a lot of room to live) - that wasn't intended by me, but it is how it is written, so I think I'll let it slide and let Hades keep the Summonings (still only able to use each one once). That makes him a little too powerful, so I may change it to him losing 4 at a time... I need to think about it I guess. If anyone (especially Hades) has any input on the matter, please pm me about it. I'll leave it alone for now, but I'm leaning towards letting Hades keep the useless Summonings for the purpose of saving his life, but I will change it from 3 to 4 that he must Sacrifice. This seems like a good compromise, but I'll wait to hear from people before I make any official change.
  22. Yes, they are permanently gone barring a resurrection from Nyx on every 5th night. Mnemosyne and Demeter also have restrictions as listed in the Character Descriptions for each Independent. Also, please no more off-topic conversations about Bleach or whatever...
  23. I'm not sure if you guys want that message sent or not. Please post the message in a final format in a new post. Thanks
  24. I'm pretty sure everything is fine man. Let me know if something still seems wrong
  25. I'm not sure since I had to erase it. I just sent Nestor a message about how it was too early and that maybe you 2 should start from scratch with whatever plan you meant to put in action.
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