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  1. ugh... good 1 was her face red all over?
  2. itachi-san

    I find the best way to stay creative is to sometimes distance myself from whatever I'm writing for a little while. It could be for only a couple hours. Sooner or later, while not actively thinking about the story, something new will dawn on me and I'll return to writing with new vigor. Since writing is relatively stationary (unless you record your voice while running or something) I think the best diversion is to do something with physical exertion. If you have writer's block, then start to tire out your body and give your brain a rest
  3. I finally got to read Ender's Game. I thought it was pretty good . But I was thinking about the whole communications issue, since basically the final war happened because the Buggers and the Humans couldn't communicate. This seems like an unrealistic situation to me. I don't see how there could be a complete lack of communication between two species that have communication among themselves. No math? No pictures? Other than that, I really liked it. The intuitive video game and the blogging by Peter and Valentine were pretty interesting to see from a novel published in 1985. On another issue, when checking out Orson Scott Card, I found out he is outspoken against gays as seen here. I wouldn't bring this up normally, but I find it very strange after just reading Ender's Game. While reading it, I thought there were a few gay scenes between the boys and actually got the impression that Card himself was gay, since those parts seemed more written for pleasure than actually necessary to the story. Now after seeing this article, I'm fairly sure that he's gay and religiously repressed into disliking himself and gays in general. ~just a little psychoanalysis on my part, I could be totally mistaken, but thought it was interesting enough to bring up.
  4. itachi-san

    haha! I thought about this thread the second I saw him I think Heroes might be getting better again. The newest episode was sweet (probably because Peter and Claire were barely in it ). I totally agree about the toning powers down idea. There were 3-5 characters who could kill everyone else/destroy the world and now it's not so overwhelming. And Parkman flying! At first I was really into it, then the dream-thing shattered my hope for super-parkman...
  5. itachi-san

    Well, I'm gonna do something a bit different for Mt. O 3. Feel free to do what you want as far as I'm concerned.
  6. itachi-san

    Look, I really am sorry to rain on your(my) parade, but when I started the game series I said right off the bat in Mt. O's I's 1st Post. that there would be 3 games total. I've done 2 already with essentially the same structure, and was planning on using that structure for part 3 as well. You've taken the entire structure of the game I made, the entire theme, and the general story I was going to use for the 3rd game (Zeus, Titans - the first 2 games all lead up to these characters). And you did it all without even asking, and you did it before I got a chance to get back to BD and finish what I started... Frankly, I'm disappointed, since I was obviously looking forward to doing this. It's like writing the next novel in someone else's series of books that they have already outlined and without even asking to boot.
  7. itachi-san

    ummmmmmm... Sorry to say, but this is basically exactly Mt. O. It would have been nice to see something different or at least wait until I was finished with the series. I guess there's no need for part 3 now... ...even the 3 character guesses for kronos and zeus...
  8. haha, you can't delete the architect! Well, I'm glad I died for a reason and not just because I was inactive. I was more than willing to make an alliance with the good guys though and as you guys see with PT's death there were much more pressing characters to get than me. I was only interested in acquiring program powers anyway (Sylar Complex I call it). Oh well, now I can really be inactive . Good job Renan - A word of advice to all: The Owls Are Not What They Seem
  9. Guys I am NOT the Architect, renan is LYING. My secret is that I cannot be spied on (go ahead and try). I also have a secret spying ability that requires a couple things to work which is why I had to wait on IDNE. IDNE is Cypher. Don't fall for Renan's trap. I'll have IDs for you guys almost everyday if I get the sequence for my secret in on time that is
  10. 1 - andromeda - voting for Izzy 2 - Voltage - voting for Izzy 3 - Jarze - Killed by Agent Smith 4 - Prof. T - voting for Izzy 5 - IDoNotExist - voting for Itachi 6 - Joe's Student - voting for Itachi 7 - Star Tiger - Killed by Twin #2 8 - Crazy Painter voting for Itachi 9 - Renan - voting for Itachi 10 - Magic_Luver101 - 11 - Randro- voting for Joe's Student 12 - Grey Cells - voting for Impervious 13 - Impervious - voting for Joe's Student 14 - A.I. - voting for Izzy 15 - R.M.Z voting for Brandonb 16 - Reaymond - Killed aboard the Nebuchadnezzar 17 - SG - voting for Izzy 18 - Izzy - voting for Professor Templeton 19 - Zerep - voting for Itachi 20 - CyberSpace17 - voting for Joe's Student 21 - itachi - voting for Izzy 22 - Brandonb - voting for Izzy OK, I know exactly who IDNE is now and he's not the worst character to worry about for sure. We'll get him tomorrow if need be, but even then, hopefully we have someone more crucial. Apparently, I'm active enough, so I'll keep playing. I'll be on later tonight as well I hope. Izzy is the way to go. I'm inclined to believe JS and that even though he will be RID killed soon, us lynching him is a total waste and maybe a ruiner.
  11. Sorry for being inactive, but I warned everyone. And I still think I should be replaced. I'm pretty sure the day is far from over though, at least I hope so... I don't know why I have so many votes Something is seriously up with IDNE first of all. I need some info from the hosts before I can comment though. Just to get some thoughts out: I was thinking Joe's Student was the best target to lynch, even though i believed that Izzy was the Merovingian, and now everything is just haywire. I don't know about IDNE yet, and will likely not be on to confirm his role or say that I cannot for some hidden power he has or something. If I get the vote, someone should really replace me and the day should be extended IMO. I wasn't around and won't be around to defend myself, but that shouldn't just eliminate my character from the game. Someone else should get it. On another note, reaymond was killed in reality, so I'm guessing it's a Smith secret ability (someone else said that already). It was written just like the beginning of the third movie where Smith kills the med. staff as a human in reality. 1 - andromeda - voting for Izzy 2 - Voltage - voting for Randro 3 - Jarze - Killed by Agent Smith 4 - Prof. T - voting for Joe's Student 5 - IDoNotExist - voting for Itachi 6 - Joe's Student 7 - Star Tiger - Killed by Twin #2 8 - Crazy Painter voting for Itachi 9 - Renan - voting for Itachi 10 - Magic_Luver101 - 11 - Randro- voting for Joe's Student 12 - Grey Cells - voting for Impervious 13 - Impervious - voting for Itachi 14 - A.I. - voting for Impervious 15 - R.M.Z voting for Brandonb 16 - Reaymond - Killed aboard the Nebuchadnezzar 17 - SG - voting for Izzy 18 - Izzy - voting for Itachi 19 - Zerep - voting for Itachi 20 - CyberSpace17 - voting for Joe's Student 21 - itachi - voting for Joe's Student 22 - Brandonb - voting for Izzy JS is just all over the place, plus it may close the gap so I don't have to die. Hopefully I can get back on and have some sort of explanation for not being able to identify IDNE right off the bat or at all.
  12. My apologies for the lack of posting (though there's not much to go on and what I was thinking was all said already - mainly ST being good and IDNE being the Merovingian). I'm on vacation right now and for the rest of the week. If this is casual and I can log in about once a day, then I'm good to go, but if SD and LIS want more participation, I probably should be reluctantly replaced. Humorously, my first thought was that reaymond got the bad luck and then the good luck (from the Oracle), but I think there would have been a mention in Day Post of a tie, so yea, I think some weighting was in play. Can't hurt to ask: If there is a tie-vote (with or without hidden vote counts), will the Day Post mention that 2 people were sent to be deleted or will it only mention the unlucky one? And 2 questions about the Architect: 1) Does he have a weighted vote? I saw someone mention this, but missed in the conversation where that was deduced 2) When he uses a technique from another program, will the night post say the Architect is doing it or will it say the stolen/deleted player is doing it? p.s. I'll be back on tomorrow.... too bad I miss the night post.
  13. hehe, yeah. without the "Queen" pieces, the tables turn drastically. I'll make sure that in Mt. O III, Odysseus and Zeus will have to be the last ones standing About the nullification by Medusa of Odysseus' guesses, I wouldn't have allowed it. It could block his movement and his kill, but I intended the guesses to always be a factor in the night. I didn't foresee Hades dying so early, since Hermes was not recruited yet, so that was some killer posting skills and thoughtfulness by Hermes and the Achaeans to organize that one. ...Zeus won't go down so easily. Also, I was thinking about the randomness of players getting certain characters and how lucky we all were that it was Brandonb and Impervious (and Impervious and Prof. Templeton in Mt. O I), so I think I'll make a pool of experienced players and randomize that for Zeus and Odysseus only so that we don't get stuck with an inactive player or something for those crucial roles.
  14. This coming from the happiest person to have secret abilities as part of the game... Everyone was informed exactly who and what characters would have secret abilities waaaay before the game started. And I thought that the mentioning of them in the night posts was enough of a hint as to what each could be. The night before Hermes flew Odysseus to Hades Castle, he flew Odysseus somewhere else far away. Put that info together with the knowledge that Hermes had a secret ability and presto!
  15. Thanks a lot everyone! You all really did outstanding. I have to disagree about the Secrets giving the Achaeans the edge though. Just think about some things that favor the Baddies, or that the Baddies missed: Basically, I don't think anything should be taken away from the Achaean victory . They even came back from being pretty much down and out near the middle of the game. I have no clue when the 3rd and final game will be. When I think of a concept and have time I guess One thing's for sure though, there will be no secret abilities Odysseus, Diomedes and Nestor will be powerhouses though, but then again, so will Zeus and a couple other Olympians
  16. Phew, good timing with games ending and beginning for me! And great post! I'm looking forward to this, but wow that was a lot of reading and a lot of players... My gut says he was lucky since: I got the same impression as ST here. It looks to me like the Merovingian was redirected, not Morpheus. And I'm assuming the Merovingian just went for a shot in the dark RID kill. 1 - andromeda - voting for Zerep 2 - Voltage 3 - Jarze - Voting for A.I. 4 - Prof. T 5 - IDoNotExist- voting for A.I. 6 - twin_bro - Voting for A.I. 7 - Star Tiger - voting for AI 8 - Crazy Painter 9 - Renan - voting for Star Tiger 10 - Riranor 11 - Randro 12 - Grey Cells - voting for Star Tiger 13 - Impervious - voting for A.I. 14 - A.I. - voting for Star Tiger 15 - R.M.Z 16 - Reaymanator - voting for Star Tiger 17 - SG - voting for Riranor 18 - Izzy 19 - Zerep 20 - CyberSpace17 21 - itachi - voting for Voltage 22 - Brandonb As of right now, it's a random vote to stop a gang-up situation. I need more info before I can start calling people out... *ahem* Brandonb *ahem* Tough luck for the Agents and the Merovingian ...get used to it
  17. A God is Born With the rising Sun at his back, warming his soul from his long stay in Tartarus, Odysseus watched as the last remnants of Hades' minions crept out of Tartarus onto the Surface. GC: We wish to call a truce Odysseus. Your skill and power rivals that of even Zeus. It destroyed my Master and... The words began to trail off as life left GC. Odysseus had chopped off the final head of the Dog-Beast Cerberus quicker than he had ever moved before. Cerberus' body began to ignite all over and he melted into a heinous puddle of soulless evil. SG2, seeing that their rival had no interest in a peaceful end, launched himself from the shadows at Odysseus, only to be struck down from behind by the one-armed warrior, Diomedes. Split down the center, Medusa, fell to each side. Her snakes all tried to flee the carnage, but died, turning to ash as the last breath exhaled from her lips. With honor and dignity, twin bro walked up to the Surface. Carefully looking over at the dispersing ash that once was Medusa and the black sizzling ooze that had been Cerberus, he tightened his gauntlets, and pointed his sword at Odysseus. Theseus: What do you say? One last duel Odysseus? Odysseus: I wish there was another way my friend, but I can see the evil of that place has consumed your human-heart. Your soul now belongs there and I shall send it myself. A clash of blades, two swings and the opponents parted. Odysseus stood firm, facing away from Theseus who also held his position. Then blood exploded from Theseus' mid-section and he dropped his sword, clanging to a standstill on the rocky soil. Theseus: I'm glad... it was you. As Theseus collapsed in a pool of blood, Nestor and Diomedes let out the breath they had been holding as they watched the brief duel transpire. Odysseus ripped a piece of Theseus' clothing off and wiped his blade thoroughly clean this time before sheathing it. It was over. He was free. And Hades... was dead. Calmness did not find him though. Something was still bothering him. Odysseus: But now what of Tartarus? The dead still need to rest in peace. Cutting short his words, Demeter rose from the ground as if she was made of soil and leaf, and raised a finger to silence him. The three veterans stared in wonder at the beautiful Goddess of the Earth. Demeter: I know that you had no choice but to kill my daughter. I am not here for vengeance. Rather, I am here to make Tartarus my own. As you said, the dead need to rest and souls need a final destination. Henceforth, I shall take over control of the underworld and let it be known that it will be peaceful, lush and joyous from now and forever on. The cruel practices of Hades are over and soon forgotten. Odysseus: But My Lady Demeter. What of the Surface? Is it not too much a burden on you to tend to both. Demeter: Have you not felt it? Odysseus: ... Demeter: Grab hold of your companion's shoulder and imagine your desire as if it were truth. Diomedes looked puzzlingly at Odysseus as he grabbed his shoulder where his arm had once been attached. Closing his eyes, Odysseus imagined his friend whole again. Shuddering from the odd feeling, Diomedes' eyes widened in shock. When Odysseus let go and opened his eyes, Diomedes was indeed again whole. All three surviving Achaeans were elated despite their ignorance of how it happened. Odysseus threw his sword at Diomedes who grabbed it and along with own, spun them both wildly as if he never lost any time practicing his dual-sword forms. Odysseus: I...I'm afraid I don't understand. Demeter (fading away): You are a God now Odysseus. Your power is so great, it may even surpass my Generation. It is a power you must come to understand and hone on your own volition and with your own wit. I wish you well. Excuse me now, for I have quite a job ahead of me cleaning this place up. ...oh, and Odysseus. Expect to hear from Kronos. He leads the Titans to freedom from their ever long stay in this prison. Odysseus: ...Kro...Kronos? Wait! Demeter! Please don't... don't... ugh. Is my trial not over yet? ???: Of course not. Spinning to face the new voice, all three Achaeans again stood slack-jawed as Hera stared them all down with eyes colder than ice and harder than stone. Her arms were folded and she wore a scowl. "You've ruined my plans Odysseus. I intended on using both you and Hades as pieces to play against Zeus. Well, what's done is done, but I must insist that you three join my effort and finally pull this world from Zeus' clutches." Nestor: Pardon my accusation, but have you gone mad? A rebellion against Zeus? And why us? I, for one, do not want anything to do with that. Hera: You will join me or die... wha? What is this? Hera looked down at the hand that had plunged into her back and jutted out from her chest. Slowly and painfully turning her head, she saw that Odysseus had somehow managed to escape her watchful gaze and take her from behind. Her bodily form disintegrated quickly, silently and Demeter welcomed her first guest. Odysseus: How did I? and what are you two doing? Nestor (kneeling): We are kneeling before a God, Odysseus. The God of the next Generation. The Holy Usher. Diomedes (kneeling): As I would follow you to the pits of Tartarus, I will follow you to the highest reaches of the Heavens. Odysseus: Please rise my friends. I'd say that our duty is done. I now have the power to protect you and all those I hold dear. Let us return home to our families, our shores, our land, and finally rest. --- Zeus: Hades is dead. Persephone is dead. Apollo, Athena, and Ares are all dead as well. And you did nothing to help any of them? Now, the Titans are free. Surely they will want Olympus back. ... (spinning to face his guest) Well!?! What have you to say for yourself?! Hermes: I survived Father. Gritting his teeth, Zeus hazarded a glance at his son's disrespectful display. He pointed a finger at Hermes, causing the Messenger to flinch to Zeus' satisfaction. He then lowered his finger to point at Hermes' left foot. A bolt of lightning shot from Zeus and exploded one of the Fleet-footed God's wings. Hermes doubled over in pain. Still percolating with rage over the current events, Zeus lashed out at Hermes. Zeus: You are forever forbidden to aid anyone's will but my own! And now you should be slowed down enough so that I can keep you in check. Go find me Hephaestus! ...and Hera! ...Where has that troublesome woman gone now? --- It seemed as if it were a dream. The entire Earth was still, but Odysseus could still move. As could one other. Kronos walked over to Odysseus, towering over the former-Human. "You have grown strong Human. Now even cast as one of the Gods. Always remember your place though. You cannot match Zeus' power as you are. And we Titans cannot ascend back to Tartarus on our own. Therefore, I bestow upon you the power to Summon us in your coming battle." Odysseus' shock was pasted across his face. Power surged through him as he came to understand his capabilities. Odysseus: This has all been very flattering, but neither I nor my friends have any intention of this battle with Zeus I keep hearing about. Kronos (returning Time to the world): Even if you have no home to which you may return? Diomedes: Wait... What? Kronos: My son scorched Achaea from the Earth upon hearing the News of your exaltation. He has no intention of letting you live in peace. He wants vengeance and I want you to deliver. Deliver him death and a place of his own in Tartarus. Odysseus: Surely, I've fallen from his graces, but... my home? MY HOME!?!?! --- Diomedes strapped his swords to his back in a giant X. Nestor cleared his throat. Odysseus mentally prepared for the battle of wits that would inevitably come. He should have known this would happen. Fate never let him be at peace. But it had never gone this far either. His wife... he swallowed deeply as he swung his shield around onto his back. Nestor: I doubt Hermes will help us anymore. You can't fly now, can you my Lord? Odysseus: Ha! I suppose trying wouldn't hurt, but no, I'm certain. My dominion seems to be the Earth. Again we must venture into the enemy's territory. I've enlisted the help of someone I once met in Tartarus though. He'll be here shortly. Diomedes and Nestor stood in awe as Icarus landed betwixt them, giant wings folding closed on his back, stirring a massive breeze. Icarus looked at the three of them. "I'm only going to risk taking you one at a time. I hope that is satisfactory." Odysseus, Nestor and Diomedes (elated): Aye! --- Breastplate strapped on, gauntlets tight, helmet dawned, Zeus accepted the newly forged Shield and Sword from his son, Hephaestus. "Outrageous that I must bother with a human in such a way. He may have taken the Surface and the Underworld. He may have defeated Hera and Hades, but he can never take the Sky from me. I'll rip his newfound immortality right out of him and then I'll devour his soul." A current of electricity ran up and down the blade of Zeus. He lifted the massive sword above his heart and rained down upon the Earth a torrent of storms, thunder booming, lightning crackling. "The only era he will Usher in, is the Era where I take full control of all that there is. I can no longer let other Gods maintain their dominions. Not just the Sky, but the Seas, the Underworld, and the Earth will all be mine!" --- Rain beat down hard on Odysseus as Icarus flew him to farthest reaches of the Sky, dodging lightning blasts from all sides. There. They were almost there. Mount Olympus. The place where the Mightiest of the Gods waited for him. The place where his life of war would come to an end, one way or the other. The brilliant light of the Heavens almost blinded him, but Odysseus' eyes saw the unreal. He saw himself sitting at the Apex of Olympus. Zeus' slain body and the world at peace. A dream or the future? Odysseus could not tell them apart. --- 1) SomeGuy - Siren 2) Impervious - Hades 3) LIS - Apollo 4) GC - Cerberus 5) Prof. T - Persephone 6) dawh - Perseus 7) Kat - Calchus 8) Bb - Odysseus 9) RMZ - Minotaur 10) ST - Athena 11) Artificial I - Hermes 12) Riranor - Nestor 13) Impervious2 - Argus 14) SG2 - Medusa 15) twin bro - Theseus 16) IDNE - Charon 17) Kat2 - Diomedes Secret Abilities:: finally revealed Players: Brandonb: Gains the ID of anyone who attacks him. Prof. Templeton: Able to use a random Monster's power each Night in addition to his normal power. SomeGuy: Will counter-attack anyone who attacks him (assuming they fail) with a 50% chance of killing his attacker dawh: Can turn invisible (not 2 nights in a row) and avoid all contact except Hades' guess Characters: Odysseus: Can select any player who has voted for him that Day, to be made powerless for the Night. Calchus: Can sway a vote once every 3 days as long as there are 2 different victims not voted for by the Achaean BTSC Apollo: Once per game, can shoot a sacred arrow through the ceiling of Tartarus. Light will pour in and blind all, except for himself, from making any malicious actions. (too bad this one never got used...) Nestor: Can talk with someone in addition to his normal pep talk and prevent them from moving that night. Athena: Can save two people ever other Night. Diomedes: Can target two people every other Night. Hermes: Can override Charon’s duty if he guesses Charon's victim and can bring one person to any specific location once per cycle. ~Thanks for playing everyone! This has really been a fun game for me and I hope for all of you as well. Sorry about the little glitches and overlapping of powers, but from a spectators view, they didn't have much impact. Congratulations to the Achaeans for a masterful win, and to the Monsters for an almost equally executed fight. ...till next time
  18. he was blocked. also, I'm pretty sure the game is over, but I'll keep it going as long as everyone wants.
  19. No offense, but I think you guys are finished. I can't figure out a way you can win anymore.
  20. I can end the Day if people are OK with that. It will be a majority vote on Twin Bro.
  21. Yeah, I've already asked rookie to make them both accessible after the game. It shouldn't be a problem. Both forums have been really great and quite brilliant if I may say so
  22. Night 9: Nestor's Influence Nestor: You're working on a splendid victory, m'Lord. Odysseus: Hmph. You should know better than to cast a foul curse on us with a loose tongue. Nestor: Look around you... the evil aura down here has almost completely vanished. There's hardly anything left to worry about. We've almost sealed our victory. All thanks to that cunning wit of yours. Odysseus smiled as he reached down, grabbed the hilt of his sword, and pulled it from Impervious2's fallen body. Imp2's corpse lifted a little from the tug, but then slid back down from the blade as Odysseus pulled it completely out from the fatal gash. Sending the blood flying from his blade and across a rock wall, Odysseus sliced through the misty air and skillfully slid the sword back into its sheathe. Odysseus (with a wry look): I beg pardon, but don't deny your part in this. You've been nothing but a help my old friend. I feel as if I wouldn't have been able to best Imp2 tonight if not for your sage advice on his weak-spots. ...speaking of advice, what do you think GC is up to tonight? I know he's been on your mind as of late. Nestor (beaming): Much obliged for the kind words... as for GC, he won't be able to find us tonight. I've made sure of that. It's difficult to explain, just take my word for it... he seemed to want to stay there anyway... Odysseus: ...another night then. Another night and we'll finish him off for good. Nestor: Indeed we shall. And then... m'Lord? What is it? Odysseus: I was just thinking if that trap would be enough to fool Theseus. Nestor: It was more than enough Odysseus. That one's seemed to have lost a bit of his mind being down here so long. Luck seems to have all but left him as well. Tonight, he's of no consequence. A.I. will stay safe as you predicted. ...come along now. Let's leave this one to rot. Nestor held out a hand and gestured toward an, as of yet, untrod passageway inside Tartarus. The two veteran warriors calmly walked into it, leaving Imp2's body to the small scavengers emerging from the tiny crevices and shaded inlets in the hellish terrain of Tartarus. Those not actively hindering the intruders were taking advantage and delight in the spoils of the Achaean's successful insurrection. The most horrid and powerful monsters, once feared by all others, were now slain or weakened and those that did not hold much weight now sought to venture farther then they ever thought possible. Rapidly, Tartarus was changing, evolving, but fate had yet to reveal its finished form. --- 1) SomeGuy [Monster] -DEAD 2) Impervious [Olympian] -DEAD 3) LIS - DEAD 4) GC [Monster] 5) Prof. T -DEAD 6) dawh -DEAD 7) Kat [Human] -DEAD 8) Bb 9) RMZ -DEAD 10) ST -DEAD 11) Artificial I 12) Riranor 13) Impervious2 -DEAD 14) SG2 - [Monster] 15) twin bro 16) IDNE -DEAD 17) Kat2 - [Human] Day 9 begins now. Thanks for playing (again) Impervious!
  23. TB and GC would have to die for another killer to be made.
  24. Just waiting on those Baddies. Hopefully the night can be finalized before I go to sleep.
  25. So, do you guys want to add to this? There is a very easy way out of the Nestor problem, but that's up to you guys to figure out.
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