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    this post really tied the thread together, man
  2. But if he didn't prevent his movement, GC would be in Tartarus with Nestor for the Night, hence the predicament.
  3. lolz, i think we're right about this anyway. it is confusing and I should probably just say Nestor's secret ability is "to send his target back to where they came from". It would have the same effect and less confusion.
  4. Well, I think this is a little mixed up. It's more like: "If you were on the Surface (as your Night's destination). All that matters during the night is the desired final location of each player. I made that clear when the game first started. This would have GC and Nestor both in Tartarus, and therefore Nestor could act. Say Nestor's act fails. Both characters would be in Tartarus this night, so why did it fail?
  5. I think the only time we ran into this problem was last night, and since it didn't matter because of Athena, I didn't care. I think it only makes sense for Nestor to be able to hold the player if Nestor is also on the Surface. So, sorry about that hosting glitch. I'm going to make a public post about it. Edit: actually, I still can't tell what's right so nvm...
  6. Yea I agree, it's just difficult to explain because of the rule that they both must be on the Same side of the River for them to interact.
  7. If the same action is tried tonight, I would accept it. Here's my reasoning: Nestor (if in Tartarus) should be able to hold GC on the Surface, since GC would have to be in Tartarus if not for Nestor. Let me know if you think this is not cool or if you guys are OK with it.
  8. I'm running into a weird conundrum that I can't explain well to the Baddies. Tonight: if Nestor didn't use his secret on GC, GC would be in Tartarus. So they would both be in Tartarus. Meaning Nestor should be able to act on him. But his act is keeping GC in place, thus keeping him on the Surface... What do you guys think about it? I thought about it last night and didn't really care since Athena was going to block GC in Tartarus anyway, but now tonight it's actually crucial. I think Nestor should be able to hold GC on the Surface, since GC would be in Tartarus if not for Nestor.
  9. It was kind of moot anyway, since Athena was going to block GC also.
  10. like I said, it's a bit of a conundrum in the game Nestor holds the player's original position. It worked because they were both in Tararus, but GC's original position was the Surface.
  11. Oh sorry that I didn't inform you about Nestor last night. I just read through the latest posts and Bb talking about it is indeed accurate. GC was held on the Surface by Nestor last night and is there right now. Nestor has the secret ability to hold someone in place. I ran into a bit of a conundrum that I hope you guys don't mind too much. Nestor and GC were both in Tartarus last night since GC wanted to move from the Surface to the Swamp, but Nestor's ability is to prevent movement, meaning GC is stuck on the Surface.
  12. Yes, anyone who dies on the Surface (for whatever reason) stays in the game and gets sent to a random spot in Tartarus.
  13. From Hermes: "Ok, we have to be very careful tonight, so we're not going to use any of our old codes. Instead we're going to use one of those book codes where you give a series of numbers to refer to a letter in a book. I've been trying to think of a book that we both likely own, and I think it's probable that you own at least one of the harry potter books so we'll use that. So, your code will start with a single number representing which book in the harry potter series you're using. Follow that with a hyphen and use the following system for coding each letter, (Chapter#.Paragraph#.Word#.Letter#). This means that if you put, I will look in chapter 4, paragraph 2, at the 9th word in that paragrpah, and the 3rd letter in that word. Separate these sets of numbers with hyphens, so an example of the code would look like, 4 - - - etc. (The first 4 means you're using the 4th harry potter book. The rest of the number represents only two letters. The actual code might end up being really long, so try not to ramble. Also, don't bother thanking me at the end. That's just more words to decode.) One last thing, try not to use the first harry potter book if you can. I think the canadian and american publications are slightly different. Also, avoid using page numbers in case the publication is different. Stick to chapter.paragraph.word.letter. I need you to tell me who to move and where tonight, and also where to move myself so that I can stay out of danger."
  14. Sure, I'd only shorten it if every single player wanted it. 24 hours it is
  15. itachi-san

    Do You YouTube?

    Anyone else watch Tim and Eric? Wow... too funny All you ever need to know about the Universe...lolz Brule Rules! ...lolz more
  16. 1)No. No action warrants no post. If he tries to block someone who stays in Tartarus it would not be mentioned. 2)They get dropped at Ixion's because that's as far as the 2 could get.
  17. Day 8: Hermes' Dilemma Trying to ignore the Human's Plea, the Messenger God stood with his back to Kat2 as she waited for the ferry on the shore of the River Styx. Kat2: ...but I will be powerless tonight... and across the River. We need you. Your allegiance would give us all the power we need to beat them! Don't do this alone anymore Olympian. Join us and help eradicate Tartarus as we did Troy before this. Hermes stood motionless, arms folded, scowling as he thought of his fate. Intertwined again with these Achaean warriors. Shaking his head slightly in acceptance, he answered the Human. Hermes: If I receive another Sacrifice from you or another Achaean, I will finally join you. My independence has never been personal Achaean, so do not take it as such. I'm just doing my best to survive down here and leave in one piece. More powerful Gods than I have already fallen in this forsaken place. ...come see me again. Only then.. will I join you. --- Gazing coldly over at the God and Human conversing, SG2 waited for the ferry further down the shore of dust and bone. The River looked somehow odd to him, but a mental image of normalcy escaped his thoughts. He only thought of how best to bide his time. To wait through the Night, powerless, and vulnerable. --- 1) SomeGuy [Monster] -DEAD 2) Impervious [Olympian] -DEAD 3) LIS - DEAD 4) GC [Monster] 5) Prof. T -DEAD 6) dawh -DEAD 7) Kat [Human] -DEAD 8) Bb 9) RMZ -DEAD 10) ST -DEAD 11) Artificial I 12) Riranor 13) Impervious2 14) SG2 - [Monster] 15) twin bro 16) IDNE -DEAD 17) Kat2 - [Human] Night 9 begins now. Since there are so few players now, we can probably speed cycles up as long as everyone feels comfortable and gets a chance to finalize their actions. Congrats to the 8 survivors left
  18. No. good question and basically a loophole, but the Daily Sacrifice rule would override the Character rule, making Diomedes powerless that night. No character can escape it, except you and Hades, basically.
  19. Like how exactly? If you're asking for secrets, I obviously can't say until the game is over.
  20. I'm not sure what you're asking about. Could you rephrase it?
  21. If you guys are satisfied with the vote, let me know and I can end the day. Or let me know if you want the full 24 hours. Either way is fine with me.
  22. But you will have had the majority in the day and therefore make Odysseus powerless and therefore the game would have ended the preceding night On another note: if you guys are satisfied with the vote, let me know and I can end the day. Or let me know if you want the full 24 hours. Either way is fine with me.
  23. Ah yes, I was thinking Medusa was one of the characters you may be unsure of. Still, I like to keep up practicing anonymity. It's not the easiest thing to keep everything secret (for me at least)
  24. I'd have no problem ending the day early if both BTSC groups want it as well as Hermes. So, everyone, in other words
  25. 3 per game. you can only get 3 out of the 5 ever. sorry.
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