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  1. The court has no idea where this fanciful sea monster of which you speak resides, besides which, why were you and "Steve" near it in the first place?
  2. Thousands, I suppose! But you probably mean just in this language...
  3. 2x squared = 4x squared. X = all real numbers. How is this possible?
  4. Kikacat123

    The wish game

    Granted, but they are made of styrofoam. I wish for a bowl of yummy fruit.
  5. Welcome to Brainden! It's always nice to get another riddler!
  6. Least favorite. Would you rather get only underwear for your birthday or ridiculously patterned socks?
  7. "Don't pretend to be sorrowful! This was an act of murder! Were you not discovered at the scene of the crime with a weapon?"
  8. Hungarian subtitles, I suppose. Would you rather...create a fantastic movie and ruin the series by making serveral more horrible ones, or make a series of consistently wonderful films that are unappreciated?
  9. Drum: thunder Cymbals: lightning Cellos: wind Piccolos: ? Maracas: rain Listeners: ?
  10. Correct on the gale part...
  11. Very close. It is thunder, lightning, something not yet guessed, and some other thing. You're on the right track.
  12. Ice-cold water, because it would be frozen. Would you rather...be able to transform into a cactus or a crocodile?( and be able to turn back at will)
  13. Kikacat123

    Obscure Jokes

    Okay, so there are two rubber ducks in a bathtub, and one of them says to the other, "Pass the soap!" The other one says, "Do I look like a typewriter?" Edit: does everyone already know this one?
  14. What are the problems with Christianity?
  15. Well, most Christians believe that since the one true God exists, there is no need to worry about going to hell because there are no other gods. As to which god or God to believe in, I took a look at all the major religions (Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Pantheism, Christianity) and examined their basis for faith. Christianity was the only one that had both evidence for it, and all the others had holes in them or were missing enough support. If it does turn out that some obscure little cult god is the true one, then I (and many others) would be enormously surprised.
  16. Well, it has the letters "unwiz" written vertically across it.
  17. Sorry, I meant one person writes an accusing argument and another writes the defending one. I should have clarified.
  18. With a small house, it would be great for burrowing around in piles of stuff and pretending to be a gopher. Would you rather...be able to talk to either only animals or one gender of people? (Your choice of male or female)
  19. Okay, forget my obscure, complicated plan. Most of your methods would work, I am just being picky. On with the adventure! Thinking quickly, you cram some food from your pack into the propulsion device and blast it past the shark. Just as it is about to eat the merman, the sudden movement catches its eye. The behemoth swivels its enormous head around to face the food, giving you a golden opportunity to grab your knife. Perhaps you can blind it in an eye or slash its nose so it cannot smell you out! While the shark hungrily devours the food, you creep up behind it, inching closer...closer...closer... Lifting your knife high, you slice downward forcefully. The shark's eyes dilate and it begins to thrash in agony, swirling the blood of its wounded nose with the water in garish stripes. You try to swim to escape, but the shark, enraged by your audacity to attack it, whips around and prepares to swallow you whole! Is this the end? At the last second, the merman shoves you out of the way. You watch helplessly as monstrous jaws snap around the merman's scaly neck. You fear you are going to be next, but, surprisingly, the shark swims away with unimaginable speed until it is just a menacing speck in the distance. Your tears mix with the saltwater as the merman's body floats gently to the sandy bottom. You knew your adventure would not always be happy, but it still pains you to think of how the merman sacrificed his life to save you. As you start getting ready to resurface and journey back home, you feel an icy band around your neck. It tightens, and a stiff voice says, "Save your false tears for the trial, Land-dweller. You will pay for murdering one of our brethren!" Your last memory is gasping for air before you black out. *** You awake in a rigid chair with the taste of underwater-breathing seaweed in your mouth. Surrounding you is a roomy, cavernous stadium filled with merpeople. An official-looking one raps a rock on her desk and calls the assembly to order. You are reminded of the time you had to serve jury duty. The setup here is very similar, but with (you gulp) the merman's body in the center of the room as a piece of gory evidence. "The alleged murderer is awake," The official merwoman announces. "Let the trial begin." Now, adventurers, it is up to you to defend your innocence. How can you convince the merpeople that you were not guilty of murder? Please write an accusing and defending argument for the trial. The best one shall be used as your case. Remember, all evidence must be true! Begin!
  20. ...or I can do another one if Pickett is absent. "Mary and John are lying on the floor with water and broken glass surrounding them. Mary is dead." Figure out the rest of the story!
  21. A cemetery? ("Full of those who said goodbye") Or maybe the Great Wall of China? ("Trampled by many, far away")
  22. You're getting warmer. . .
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