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  1. Yup! First obstacle- you have been told by the clue to go to a river. When you arrive there, you see a sign saying that you must cross the river to get to Atlantis. However, the river is filled with very hungry crocodiles. Here are some tips: The river is three hundred feet wide and surrounded by prickly trees. The only animals to be found around are swift- moving rabbits on the banks. How do you cross the river? Hint: there can be more than one answer.
  2. I hope that you like this one. You are going on an adventure. Your goal is to find the hidden city of Atlantis. The problem is, you have enough food and water for your journey, but the only other things you have are a 200 foot coil of nylon rope, a full box of matches, a knife, a backpack, a fold up tent, a long walking stick, and your wits. You will face many dangers as you travel. It is your job to avoid the dangers and decipher the clues that will lead you to the Lost City of Atlantis. The way this game is played is simple, but there are a few rules. 1. I will periodically give you a clue or an obstacle to solve or evade. 2. The story will only continue when someone solves the riddle or figures out how to get past the obstacle. 3. When you have an obstacle, you must get past it using only the items that have been given to you. 4. There are ten obstacles and ten clues. If you solve all of them, you win the game! 5. Everyone can work together to solve riddles or obstacles. Go teamwork! Your first clue is this: I have a bed but do not sleep, have a mouth but do not eat, have a bank but have no cash, have no legs but run quite fast. What am I? There you are! Now, go and reach that city!
  3. Close guess, but read the question more closely.
  4. That last spiral one is really hypnotic. Everything looks wavy after the video ends!
  5. Three men go out hunting. The first man finds some rabbit tracks. He follows them and eventually comes back to his companions with a rabbit. The second man finds some deer tracks. He too follows the tracks and comes back with a deer. The third man also finds some tracks, but he knows that if he follows the tracks, he will surely be killed. What made the tracks that the third man saw? ( hint: not a bear)
  6. Sorry. I cannot grant your wish because you did not abide by the rules, which say that you can only wish for things that most people would find desirable. Tough luck! You wasted your one wish. I wish that I was and am invincible to any physical or mental harm.
  7. Okay. All races have been eliminated except one. I wish that I had the same powers as the evil genie, but I am not evil, do not have to be trapped in a bottle, and can only grant wishes that I decide are noble ones.
  8. Your wish is my command. You can study however much you want or not at all. Too bad that you will fail because you didn't study. I wish that everyone can and could read, write, and speak every language.
  9. # 3 possible answer- a doll?
  10. Okay, phaze, I wish that in ten years, I will create a medicine that cures every disease known (and unknown) to mankind.
  11. Congratulations. You can now remember every horrible thing anyone has ever said or done to you.
  12. To Thundercloud: Nice job! The " two questions" was to try to confuse people, but you figured out how to obtain the correct road with just one question. Great problem solving skills. That dragon will just have to go without its meal!
  13. You come across three people at a fork in the road. One path leads to a fiery dragon, and the other leads to your destination. You know that one of the three people always tells the truth, another always lies, and the third alternates between lying and truthtelling. ( for example truth, lie, truth, lie, etc.) You only have time to ask one person two questions. What should they be to ensure that you find the right road?
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