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  1. There's one more isolation cell to fill!
  2. I'm trying to get some players from Debate.org.
  3. Why? Because they're fun. (Done in jest, of course.) Thou odiferous earth-vexing devil-mon! Thou droning dread-bolted puttock! Thou fobbing clapper-clawed vassal! Idol of idiot-worshippers! Toads, beetles, and bats light on ye! Post your own, and we'll see who finds the most entertaining. (They must be word-for-word).
  4. Roster: Host (Asylum warden): Kikacat123 1. bonanova 2. Flamebirde 3. plasmid 4. araver 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Backups: 1. 2. Oops! Accidentally put 12 players instead of 11.
  5. Sadly, Guinness does not have a category for that. But it's an unofficial winner for sure.
  6. Sort of. However, they have different objectives, and in the event of one of the Sane being killed, the MPD takes over the dead Sane's wincon and role.
  7. I'm going into high school this year! I had no idea we were so close in ages!
  8. Welcome to BrainDen, MRothschi. If you like to play mafia, I just posted the signups for a new round in the Games forum.
  9. A game for anyone who is crazy about Mafia.. One by one, the users of Brainden were led away in straitjackets, their mental stability in question. Left to rot in Brainden City Asylum, they gathered together to pass the time with a round of Mafia...but this time the game was real. Roles, actions, and wincons: The Killers (baddies): Wincon: kill the Sane Homicidal Psychotic: Night kill (must agree with other baddie on whom to kill) Homicidal Maniac: same as HP The Sane: Wincon: lynch baddies, release Hypochondriac Asylum Guard: 3x lynch vote Psychologist: release player from asylum/Night save The Patients ("goodies"): Wincon: individual release from asylum Pyromaniac: block Schizophrenic: trap Multiple Personality Disorder sufferer: 2x Night role act (cannot save or kill) Hallucinator: redirect Paranoiac: survive being killed (either by lynch or NK) one time Compulsive Liar: can put one lie in the host's post each Day/Night cycle (not N1) The Pretender (Indy): Wincon: stay alive in asylum until game ends Hypochondriac: role copy each Night (cannot save or kill) Order of actions: save>block>trap>kill>redirect -Compulsive Liar and Paranoiac not affected by redirect Roster: Host (Asylum warden): Kikacat123 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Backups: 1. 2. Please ask any questions before the game begins. If you have questions during the game, write them in bright green. Lastly, since this is my first time as a host, if I'm doing something wrong, feel free to tell me. Enjoy! (and please excuse the length of this post, my computer won't let me do spoilers right now)
  10. What?! Harry Potter is real! Anyway, in my OP I was just trying to answer a hypothetical with a hypothetical. It's all speculative, so I guess, like you said, the real paradox comes if you try to interpret the semantics.
  11. The paradox isn't necessarily realistic, it's hypothetical. In the Grandfather Paradox, time travel is a factor, but that doesn't exist either (in the way that it is worded). Edit: typo
  12. Maybe the problem becomes simpler if we reduce it to "a force so powerful it can pass through any object" hitting "an object that cannot be penetrated, shifted, or broken."
  13. When I imagined this, I pictured it to be the collision of a force with infinite energy that is not affected by friction or entropy (never stopping or slowing down) and a solid object at 0K in a fixed, unchanging point in space. That's my view, anyway. I never really thought about the semantics before.
  14. The famous paradox: what happens if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? It has many variations, unstoppable bullet v.s. bulletproof vest, etc. However, I think there may be three viable options. 1. This is a true paradox, and thus unsolvable. 2. Perhaps the unstoppable force was diverted from its course. The immovable object would not have moved, and the force would not have ceased. 3. The unstoppable force passes through the immovable object, not colliding with any of its atoms as it does so. Please let me know if my reasoning is faulty or if there are other solutions to this paradox.
  15. Thanks for the game, Magic! That was fun!
  16. Sorry, I've played mafia games where the new ghosts were allowed a final, ambiguous post before they were "officially" dead. I won't post again here if these rules are different, though.
  17. As the bugs closed over Kika's face, she moved her lips one last time. "Things are not what they seem..." she gasped, before her life was snuffed out.
  18. I don't think so. The goodie wincon is to kill the baddie and the Indy. I wish that the goodie and Indy wins are compatible, but they aren't. Am I right in assuming that you know everyone's roles by now?
  19. Is the game over? Three players yet remain, and as long as bonanova is blocked tonight, we can still lynch him and win. (Or am I confused about the situation here?)
  20. I know. I was wondering if the post was coming soon.
  21. Has everybody posted their night actions as of yet?
  22. Yes, the psychologist can prevent the Hypochondriac from achieving their wincing if they are released. As to the second thing, I don't want to give away all the game's secrets, but maybe it could happen...
  23. Yeah, I might even it out a little by not letting the MPD Sane and the remaining Sane have BTSC.
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