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  1. I'm glad you think it looks good. Stick around for signups pretty soon!
  2. Bonanova is the most likely Indy/ baddie now. He has to be blocked!
  3. Sorry that my iPhone doesn't do colors. I put this in a quote for that reason. Framm, why should we not think you are the baddie?
  4. I really think that the kidnapper acted last night, and thus, being blocked, Flame cannot be the Indy. Plasmid has claimed the Sandy Claws role, so that leaves two suspects left, Framm and bonanova. Is it coincidence that the remaining candidates for baddie and Indy are voting for Flamebirde? Maybe. Maybe not. If one of you is a goodie, you may wish to change your vote.
  5. Flame suggested something interesting earlier: And now that I've reread it, I think I might actually be starting to believe that he is not the Indy. If he was blocked, and block>redirect, then why is there a mention of the "troublesome trio?" Maybe Flame really isn't lock, shock and barrel after all. I'm voting for bonanova. 1. Flamebirde - voting for Kikacat 4. bonanova - voting for plasmid 5. Kikacat123 - voting for Bonanova 6. plasmid - voting for Flamebirde 7. Framm18 - voting for Bonanova
  6. Thanks, plasmid. I believe you. Now this leaves Framm and bonanova. Which of you is Sally? (Or Jack or Zero)
  7. Even now, people are chatting and playing mafia and solving riddles and wasting time on Internet forums when others are literally dying of hunger and disease. But sadness, however illuminating it may be to the state of the world, cannot change the inevitable. I believe that people cannot perfect the world, but we can change it. Make it better. Make it a place where others can feel joy and togetherness and peace. It is never, ever too late to make a positive difference. One person out of 7-8 billion can't usually have a very large effect in the big picture, I know. But what if just one person dedicated their life to promoting community togetherness? What about eliminating world poverty? Illiteracy? Cancer? Cruelty? Racism? What if ten or a hundred people were that passionate about changing the world? What if it were millions? Humans can never make evil go away. But what use is it to let it rule the world? We can surrender, or we can fight. So, Phil, I think you should find something that you care about. What do you want to change? What makes you the saddest about how Earth works right now? It's okay to check up on Brainden sometimes to read new riddles. But whatever your cause is is what you should dedicate yourself to. Find a true friend. Learn to fly. Donate to charity. Write a book. Stop reading these clich├ęs. Live life. Go out there!
  8. Could I change my vote to plasmid? I'm just going with a one-in-three chance guess here. Or do you claim one of the Sandy Claws/Sally roles, plasmid?
  9. I realize that if Jack is dead, the Indy will win if we don't kill him before the baddie. The trouble is that we (likely) know the Indy, but the baddie is yet unknown. That's why I think the three possible baddies left should give some indication of whether they can prove their innocence.
  10. It has come down to three people to be the baddie: bonanova, plasmid, and Framm. Can any of you tell the group why we shouldn't think you are the baddie? One of you we know must be Sandy Claws, and the other most likely Sally. We really need an informed decision for this Day's lynch.
  11. Well, suppose Phil was Jack. In that case, the Indy would be even more motivated to kill the baddie, because it would fulfill the Indy's wincon. Even if Jack is still alive, the Indy would want the baddie dead just as long as Jack is dead or will be killed before the baddie. I really think that since the baddie can Night kill, he is the bigger threat as long as Jack could be alive. Even if he's not, we don't know how much information the Indy has at this point. I just really think that the baddie should be our main focus in this lynch.
  12. I know there's a strong possibility that Flame is the Indy now, but shouldn't we focus on finding out the baddie instead? I mean, yes, the Indy wants Jack dead if he isn't already, but Oogie Boogie is the true threat. Would somebody please put my vote on Framm18 until he gives the group some information?
  13. Yes, the Sane have BTSC. Yes also for the MPD. If a baddie is released, a loss for the Sane is guaranteed, but others such as the Indy and the goodies can still achieve their wincon until all baddies or all Sane die.
  14. 1. Only the Psychologist is capable of releasing a person, unless he dies before the Asylum Guard. In that case, the MPD sufferer takes over the Psychologist's role permanently. (If the Asylum Guard dies first, the MPD sufferer takes over the AG role). The Psychologist can only save once each Night and only release one person during each Day. 2. The MPD role can use two actions per Night (other than kill or save) such as blocking person X and trapping person Y. 3. What I meant for the Paranoiac was that if he was killed, either by Night kill or by lynch, he would not be removed from the game. In essence, he would survive one killing of his role. If, say, he was killed N2, he would get to live anyway, but if he was lynched again D4, he would die like normal. 4. The baddies must talk with one another and agree on one person to kill each night. If no consensus is reached, I will flip a coin to decide which of their targets dies. 5. Each individual Patient becomes a winner if they get released and don't die. It's not a team goal. For the second part, see #1. 6. The OOA is save>block>trap>kill>redirect. This does not apply to the Compulsive Liar or the Hypochondriac. 7. One killer cannot kill another killer. They will know who the other is, just as the Sane will know one another. 8. The Hypochondriac, just like the MPD sufferer, cannot copy either of the Sane. If he/she tries to copy the Paranoiac, he/she will appear to have been blocked. I hope this clears things up!
  15. I am thinking of hosting a game of Asylum Mafia. Since this will be my first time to ever be a host, I would appreciate some input on whether I should change some things in my plan to make the game run more smoothly. As of now, these are the roles, powers and wincons: The Killers (baddies): Wincon: kill the Sane Homicidal Psychotic: Night kill (must agree with other baddie on whom to kill) Homicidal Maniac: same as HP The Sane: Wincon: lynch baddies, release Hypochondriac Asylum Guard: 3x lynch vote Psychologist: release player from asylum/Night save The Patients ("goodies"): Wincon: individual release from asylum Pyromaniac: block Schizophrenic: trap Multiple Personality Disorder sufferer: 2x Night role act Hallucinator: redirect Paranoiac: survive lynch/Night kill one time Compulsive Liar: can put one lie in the host's post each Day/Night cycle The Pretender (Indy): Wincon: stay alive in asylum until game ends Hypochondriac: role copy each Night Any tips, edits, or words of wisdom for a first-time host? Thanks!
  16. It's rare to have a bunch of people on Brainden at the same time nowadays, so I'd like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone would be interested in joining a game of Asylum Mafia that I'll be hosting here in a few weeks. It requires 12 players, is unorthodox, and I hope will be really fun. Any volunteers?
  17. My analysis: Flamebirde must be indy or goodie other than zero. Either way, he is no threat (or could even be on the goodie side). BMAD is unknown. Phil1882 is not baddie, of course, and not Indy either. He could be zero, just speculation. Bonanova is also unknown. Since I was blocked, I cannot be anything but Mayor or Sally or zero. Plasmid is unknown, but I doubt he is Indy. Framm18 is unknown, but he may be the baddie. I have no hard evidence yet, but I think I'll have to go with BMAD as my vote. If you are a goodie, I sincerely apologize. Could someone put my vote on BMAD, please? (From my iPhone) Edit: fixing typos
  18. It seems to me that a set of one or two digits, in sequential order, represent one word from each famous phrase.
  19. 1. Flamebirde 2. BMAD 3. phil1882 4. bonanova 5. Kikacat123 6. 7. Backups 8. 9.
  20. I have seen many others worried about Brainden's dropping numbers of players and riddlers. In order to satisfy curiosity, would anyone who is on brainden at least bimonthly please list so here? Hopefully this will give a general picture of how many people semifrequently are on brainden. Kikacat123 registering
  21. Hi, Bruce. Welcome to Brainden!
  22. If you say that you cannot give any ultimate proof for anything whatsoever, then how are you certain that your beliefs are not misguided or wrong? By the way, what is "birth after birth?"
  23. Would anyone be interested in co-hosting or participating in a rainforest-themed mafia?
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