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  1. 3-color cube

  2. 3-color cube

  3. Twenty Questions

    I did not see this puzzle mentioned in the forum before: Twenty Questions by Don Woods. I was able to solve it by computer (I verified my answer with the author), but even that wasn't easy! I'd love to hear of others' experiences with it. ^.^
  4. 3-color cube

    This is a good point. I should clarify that for my answer, I assumed that if one configuration of colors can be transformed into another by rotating the cube, then they should not be counted as two distinct configurations.
  5. 3-color cube

    I think...
  6. How much white?

  7. Finding a function

  8. Finding a function

    You asked for it...
  9. The lion and the tamer

  10. Really?

  11. combining the primes