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  1. Two boys

    The subtlety is…
  2. Two boys

    Hmmm… aha! That should do it. ^^
  3. Two boys

  4. MONEY

  5. MONEY

    Hmmm, I'll go for the seemingly obvious…
  6. Help Bob find Alice's P(x)$%^

    Well, in that case…
  7. Take a guess

    A more detailed answer…
  8. Take a guess

    Then again...
  9. Take a guess

    This is a fun one...
  10. Code to the safe

    I'm coming up with…
  11. Race Riddle

    Is it…
  12. Is it a factor?

    I think…
  13. Help Bob find Alice's P(x)$%^

    Hmmm… assuming n is known to Bob, my first thoughts…
  14. Poisoned Wine

    I think…
  15. Sum up 15

    Indeed, if both players play the ideal strategy for Tic-Tac-Toe, the game always results in a draw. It is nonetheless the ideal strategy.
  16. Sum up 15

    In essence...
  17. Next card is Red

    Maybe this will make it clearer:
  18. Next card is Red

  19. Next card is Red

  20. Next card is Red

    I remain convinced by my initial argument, but to expound a little:
  21. Next card is Red

  22. When midnight strikes

  23. How obtuse are triangles?

  24. Shortest roads

    I think... Special thanks to Cygnet for suggesting there might be a minimum hidden in such a configuration.