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  1. jordancollins

    Forgotten District II Mafia

    What an interesting idea as for me
  2. jordancollins

    What type of cipher or code does you think this is?

    Hmmm I am not sure(
  3. jordancollins

    HTML help

    HTML is not enough, as a minimum you will need CSS and Java
  4. jordancollins

    Two Dimensional Motion Using Vectors

    haha, not bad as for me
  5. jordancollins

    exponential help

    Math is not my pathion at all(
  6. jordancollins

    Hello There!

    Hi) Nice to meet you) I am Jordan)
  7. jordancollins

    can u figure it out?

    So what is that for?
  8. jordancollins

    Coin hunt

    And what exactly coin do you have?