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  1. I think I can do better: But not sure it is the max.
  2.     90 -70= 20 deg using side of square as "a" , we have tan20 = o/a and then O= atan 20 or 0.3639a; The right leg of the  triangle and  the top portion of the right side               20 +45 =65 ; 90-65  =     25 degrees  the other angle at top left and therefore the 3rd angle is 65;                                 tan 25 = o/a  or  o = a tan25;        o = 0.4663a.   since a  is the length of a side then the bottom leg of the lower right triangle = 1 - 0.4663 = 0.5336a ;          the vertical leg of the lower triangle is 1 -   0.3639a  =     0.6360a.  we will designate the left angle of the bottom triangle as Y ,  So we can say Tan Y = o/a or 0.6360a / 0.5336a;      tan Y = 1.1917;  Y = 50    Adding the bottom angles we have 65 + 50 = 115 :   180 - 115 =65 degrees              X = 65 degrees

  3. Nice beginning... (If this were the full solution, first round would be enough.) Oh, I got it now!!! Great!!!
  4. It is not because of the gender. the Claytons indicates that Mrs Clayton is still alive and Jasper's mom is deceased. Therefore, Jasper is not a Clayton.
  5. In the same way, you exclude that Jasper is a Clayton: 2. In deference to an influential family member, the Claytons agreed that if they ever had a daughter they would name her Janice.
  6. There are 8 boxes, not 4. And there is another possible distribution you have to exclude.
  7. The way how the marbles were selected is not known, so you cannot do better then Bonanova. However, instead of grabbing the calculator:
  8. Tried to send you a private message, got an error. Tried admin@brainden, got suggestion you box is full.

  9. harey


    A big step forward. Now that we found the result, it remains to find the way to find the result.
  10. @rocdocmac Pas du tout. Mais c'est ma langue maternelle, je sais même écrire.
  11. I see now: plainglazed's formula is the simplification of my formula I was so hard looking for. On paper, I got a kind of unreadable proof, so I fed them into my computer. Up to n=30, no difference with 6 decimals.
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