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  1. You forget the lift by air depression on the wings. When the space shuttle (which is basically a plane) takes off vertically, as long as the thrust is less than 10 [N/kg], it does not move. When the thrust exceeds this value, it moves up. [If you then cut the engines, it slows down, stops and falls like a stone.] That's what your equations describe. When a plane flies horizontally at a constant speed, the gravitation is compensated by depression on wings - if you cut the engines, the plane glides. You still can keep it at constant horizontal speed, it slowly loses potential energy, b
  2. Thinking it over and over again, I always finish with a problem I cannot solve. The holes are numbered 1, 2, 3.... Three hunters check: 1 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 7 .... On day n, they will have checked up to the hole 2 * n +1 The groundhog starts in the hole k and moves to the right. On day n, he will be in the hole k+n Question 1: Will the hunters catch the groundhog (and if so, when)? 2 * n +1 grows faster than k + 1, I already have the answer. Nevertheless: 2 * n + 1 = k + n n ⁼ k + 1 No matter how high the number of the starting hole the gro
  3. Never mind how big the area you chose, I always can say "Bad luck, the groundhog is somewhere about 17 holes outside the defined area." I agree that the size of the cleared area will -> inf. Just the size is expressed as a number. No matter how big it is, there always is a bigger number.
  4. I think I can do better: But not sure it is the max.
  5.     90 -70= 20 deg using side of square as "a" , we have tan20 = o/a and then O= atan 20 or 0.3639a; The right leg of the  triangle and  the top portion of the right side               20 +45 =65 ; 90-65  =     25 degrees  the other angle at top left and therefore the 3rd angle is 65;                                 tan 25 = o/a  or  o = a tan25;        o = 0.4663a.   since a  is the length of a side then the bottom leg of the lower right triangle = 1 - 0.4663 = 0.5336a ;          the vertical leg of the lower triangle is 1 -   0.3639a  =     0.6360a.  we will designate the left angle of the bottom triangle as Y ,  So we can say Tan Y = o/a or 0.6360a / 0.5336a;      tan Y = 1.1917;  Y = 50    Adding the bottom angles we have 65 + 50 = 115 :   180 - 115 =65 degrees              X = 65 degrees

  6. Nice beginning... (If this were the full solution, first round would be enough.) Oh, I got it now!!! Great!!!
  7. It is not because of the gender. the Claytons indicates that Mrs Clayton is still alive and Jasper's mom is deceased. Therefore, Jasper is not a Clayton.
  8. In the same way, you exclude that Jasper is a Clayton: 2. In deference to an influential family member, the Claytons agreed that if they ever had a daughter they would name her Janice.
  9. There are 8 boxes, not 4. And there is another possible distribution you have to exclude.
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