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  1. My favorite one: Take the sum of all the integers. Call it S. Take the sum of even integers. That sum is S/2. Because S is infinite, S/2=S, their difference is zero. So the sum of the odd integers is zero.
  2. I googled some definitions of "middle" and "center". If this is THE solution, than the dictionaries are pretty wrong.
  3. Lets try it together. Hidden Content Again, to obvious to be true. But what is wrong? It can be done in a smaller chute. Sure. Applying quantum physics.
  4. One possibility: However, in theory, it can go forever..
  5. Lets try it together. Again, to obvious to be true. But what is wrong?
  6. A typo again...I get used. Thinking it over, it is much more complicated.
  7. So obvious that I fear I am missing something:
  8. @Jasen I think you got it, but SO confusing. 1) Insert the solution on small pieces of paper into the original grid, numbers down. (You better use a non-transparent paper.) 2) For each row/column/square I ask, collect your papers and show them to me in ascending order: (With the original numbers, 1-9 will be used exactly once.) 3) Put your pieces of paper back.
  9. Please delete. 10-11:
  10. @phil1882: The solution does not require a computer. I do not see well encrypting decrypting by hand. All you need: scissors, paper, pencil.
  11. @CaptainEd Good work.... But why so complicated? No need for a third person. <spoiler> 1) The solver secretly creates a matrix with the complete solution. Known numbers are preceded by a star. 2) The challenger writes a program that takes as input this matrix. The program displays numbers preceded by a star and blanks for numbers not preceded by a star and makes the necessary checks. (If the solver fears the program would display everything, it can be tested on another grid.) 3) The solver wipes the harddisk (optional). </spoiler> Almost there. Just the computerized solution does not have the beauty of the manual solution - as I said, it is an intermediate step. How can it be done without a computer? All you need: scissors, paper, pencil.
  12. @Jason Not bad, we might come to the solution this way in 2-3 steps. (Just YOU solved the sudoku, so YOU enter the answer). Hint: Be a little more specific about the program. How should I write the program that you cannot fool it by entering shifted 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 for every line/column?
  13. Well... suppose I want the proof now and I am not willing to wait unless someone else solves it. Hint: scissors might come handy.