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  1. On each pan of the tri-beam scale are 3 seemingly identical bells that are balanced with the other pan bells. A) Sort out the bells-3 light bells (L=1) and 3 heavy bells (H=3) from Normal bells (N=2) by using the scale . How many times will it take to identify their weights? B) When you got a desired outcome on the first weighing ,how can all the bells be sorted on the 2nd weighing? The scale works as follows: 1)Balanced : 3 weights on pans are equal ex. 6 : 6 : 6 2)One pan down : Only the heaviest ex. (5):3 :2 , (5):1:1 3)One pan up : 2 heavier weights are equal ex. (3):4 :4
  2. You can make your own combination of red (inked) or silver (spacer) if there are other cylinders available. Let's allow that. But could worsen the task. Hinted above ,12 reds and 8 silvers is all that can do.. For printing, imagine the 1x2 paper unrolls lengthwise continuously to touch 7 cylinders in any direction..
  3. Replace 3 inked cylinders with 3 spacer cylinders to print all digits. Which cylinders are they? To print, gently press the 2x1 paper sides and middle on 1x1x2 assembly touching 7 cylinders in any positions..
  4. If person 1 cuts a small slice, no one will take it and person 1 gets the small slice @dgreening "Person 1 [arbitrarily chosen] cuts a piece of cake, puts it on a plate and passes it to Person 2"- can not do that with single cut..
  5. The issue here is fairness for all the 4 guests/cutters ..and it is still fair for all if the remaining piece on the tray has the same flavor,volume ,weight yet not the same shape like the pieces on the plates.
  6. The host expect the plates to have a piece of cake with similar weight, size, shape and flavor (for fairness).
  7. @BMAD my pentagon solution seems inaccurate.I found out the side length point at (+) being off . I would like to request your better solution for im having trouble with finding the last point of side length.
  8. Host ask each of 4 guests to make a single slice on a whole round cake, so that they all have a 1/5 piece to take. How they'll do that for fairness sake?
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