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  1. Just rectangular parallelepiped.. but for cylinder, Diameter = Height for a given Surface
  2. @TSLF :..some typo, 4'x8' std sheet not in inches @bonannova: 8.4125 cu.ft... is that the maximum using differential caculation? that's okay but you wasted some surface material by cutting corners.
  3. An engineer designed an open box mold for concrete mix pouring. By cutting the standard 4" x 8" G.I. sheet with the right pattern he then bend and weld to produce maximized weight concrete blocks, how was it done? What is the precast volume?
  4. Three interstellar stations have observed a distant cluster of gas clouds known as RGB-9. The stations are positioned at right angle with each other. The photograph images captured by X,Y, & Z telescopes at the same instant are having exactly the same configurations (see below). Some of the gas clouds that are behind the other cloud emits a mixed spectrum.. How shall they construct the 3-D plot of the cluster?
  5. ..dont mind the bottom ,you cant see it and the top is covered with coin. the no.of pips on opposing faces of a std dice adds to 7.
  6. Using 1x1x1 dice, Marco makes the tallest dice tower (one die on top of another) where the front,back,left and right side do not have same dice face. How many std dice shall he need? (a) 3 (b) 4 ( c) 5 (d) 6 (e) 7
  7. It is Sunday morning.. Loudspeaker announcement : "the 4 prisoners,locked in cells 1,2,3 & 4, will be executed next Sunday at exactly 1:00,2:00,3:00 & 4:00 pm .Schedule shall be random .." The 4 prisoner ,while having their final breakfast outside the cells, was informed that they all must guess ,before taken out of their cells : Who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th to hang ? in order to be pardoned by the warden. But any communication among them forfeits their chance of survival. One of the prisoners told the others that he have observed,every 12 noon ,the 4 white pigeons that always feeds on bread crumbs he places on his cell's window sill. And they can be caught if wanted to. That's how he finds out there are 2 females among those birds.. After a brief planning they pocketed some bread and returned to their cells where they were asked to draw stick for the time of their own execution.. What possibly is their scheme to get out alive and free?
  8. I could only wonder how many eggs are possible with 3 trials Lets allow the combination of scales to reduce the 66 combination into 3 trials. 3 trials is usual for weighing puzzle..
  9. 351 + 729 = 4860 All values of the ten digits above are not real. What are the true values each digits?
  10. If the caretaker remembers 5 eggs which he might have swapped two of them, (5c2) or 10 possible combinations,how he could find the pair with 2 trials?
  11. Twelve golden eggs are nestled on the wooden shelves and tagged according to their weights (troys)..Somehow the caretaker would switch any two of these precious items and forget which two should be returned on the the right shelves. Fortunately, the weighing machines are available..To find out where the switched eggs are, he must use a better equipment ,that is to minimize the weight trying. If both the digital scale and beam balance are working ..which one would you recommend? What is the least no. of usage?
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