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  1. The casino deck is made up of 52 distinct cards. 1/52 is not the maximum. You can bet for a good odd by this specially when the witnesses examine the picked card carefully..
  2. @ 9:06 it is H hand on 12 and fastest @ 9:07 it is S hand on 12 and fastest @ 9:08 it is M hand on 12 and fastest @ 9:09 it is H hand on 12 and fastest @ 9:10 it is S hand on 12 and fastest @ 9:11 it is M hand on 12 and fastest ... ...so on until it is 11:11:00 the fastest hand is on 12 should become minute speed at 11:11:11
  3. Count a deck of casino poker card face up to show to your audience that all suits are complete. Restack and riffle shuffle repeatedly until they say enough. Spread the deck across face down and let anyone take a card. The card should be shown to the others (except you) to witness. Ask for that card to be returned face down elsewhere on the spread deck. Restack and riffle shuffle repeatedly until they ask you to stop. What is your chance of finding the picked card?
  4. Good point! The solution for The Complex Clock Puzzle (Equal Separation of Hands) should not affect this one. ..the hands turn a certain angle every seconds. So it is still 9:05:25 until all of the hands have moved to a certain equality of angles..before 9:02:26 where the watch still seem (just looks like) to be working properly because the hands runs with proper speeds. note: There is a pattern here ....
  5. Does "when its 11:11:11 pm" refer to the actual time, or to the position of the hands? PM as in real time because when its 11:11:11 pm actual time, the 3 hands must be on "specific" angles..It can not be 2:56:11 or 11:11:10 or 2:10:56 actual time. The hands' positions on 9:05:25am is same as 9:05:25pm (actual time) so the are actually around 2hrs,6min to figure this out..
  6. @Bonanova -Black should command the game moves..white merely captures (w/o option) what is offered by black ,that is to help arrive to such position. White and Black move in turn as in an ordinary game. @BMAD- Indeed!
  7. Must plan 15 moves ahead..i don't think this puzzle has only one unique solution..
  8. From a game start setup ,how is it possible to arrive at the position shown above with only Black's 15 moves?
  9. @bonanova- yes they act like ordinary watches, you can tell the real time by knowing the fastest and slowest hands. @HMG -Good point! and welcome here.. it is mechanical and automatic..the hands turn a certain angle every seconds. So it is still 11:11:11 until its 11:11:12 when all of the hands have moved. Clue: Is 9:05:25 am same as 9:05:25 pm?
  10. Exchange is between any overlapping pair. When all three overlaps they also exchange rotational speed but not in random order.
  11. A strange wrist watch have it hands separated equally on 9:05:25 am..and seem to be working properly. The second hand runs at 1 rev per minute , the minute hand runs at 1 rev per hour while the hour hand runs 2 rev per day. But everytime the hands overlaps they switch rotational speed.. Can you tell the rotational speeds of each hands when its 11:11:11 pm?
  12. .. then neither of the 2 words would qualify as the only one (both starts with a different letters when translated to other than English spelling)..good find Jaanuar Veebruar Märts Aprill Mai Juuni Juuli August September Oktoober November Detsember
  13. True but this task is about moving as slow as possible. Though he can travel that fast, which is how he is able to deliver all those christmas gifts, we want to know what is the slowest he could go. Well i don't know.. i read about the twin brothers where one travel at relativistic speed.. and when he returned the brother that stayed got much older.. What i do not get or missing is "why are we assuming he can travel faster than light?"
  14. One of the months below differs from the others. Can you tell which one is it? January February March April May June July August September October November December
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