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  1. You got it! note: there are 7 patterns for 365day years and 7 for Leap years
  2. What calendar year represent the figure above?
  3. On every ends of the hollow logs lies the nests of the snake that lays gold shelled eggs. To harvest the treasures you should make a ladders out of the logs you remove. The snake can lay the golden eggs on any of the available nests. It should be able to use all the nests that you could access. You can not cross the logs while the fierce snake won't cross the ladders . Which logs should be replaced by ladders for greatest income?
  4. If a square of 1 unit area is inclined 1/2 its side backward , it would look half as large in front view.. Polygons, if are made of thin vertical strips should do too.
  5. .xxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxxxxx .xxxxxxxxxx Find the ten 10-digit decimals. None of them are the same. None of their digits are the same. One of them is the sum of all the others.
  6. Glad to hope it can be done faster with mice of same speed by distinguishing the ff: head to tail- <: )~<: )~ Foot gap- <: )~ <: )~ One round- <: )~ <: )~
  7. That is a good enough solution! Thanks for solving !
  8. Plasmid's notion is correct.. if the 1st person's day is Thursday sending a mouse left & sending a mouse right..both the adjacent cells would hold the mouse he catches and waits for further info indefinetly.
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