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  1. Seven prisoners are to be shot next week on Mon,Tue,wed,Thu,Fri,Sat & Sun. Nobody knows the schedule of the others but anyone who can guess them all correctly would be granted pardon.They had a plan.They expected the sentence. When someone is caught communicating to other prisoners he/they will be denied the chance to guess before the death penalty. No one must talk. One of them has a pair of mice,trained to move forward keeping one of their side on the wall. A good strategy to escape mazes. The mice are their key to life. How is it possible ? The mice can go from cell to cell through food tray slots.
  2. @ plasmid: 2)When a prisoner receives the dice, will he be told how many other prisoners have already had the dice? ans: The dice might carry that information..
  3. @ plasmid: 1) Is that what the prisoners will get in the puzzle? ...Exactly! 2)When a prisoner receives the dice, will he be told how many other prisoners have already had the dice? The written guess of the 3 savers should be like: Ex: [1]#2 [2]#5 [3]#1 [4]#4 [5}#6 [6}#3
  4. @ K-man: what missing is.. When done with dice one prisoner will volunteer to see the warden, select a partner to be saved and guess correctly for their freedom.. then the next prisoner shall do the same..until all of them are free.
  5. Correction: Post #3 1) No, not on the start of challenge day.
  6. Thanks for clarifying and interest k-man.. 1) No, not on the challenge day. 2) They are allowed 6 passes. 3) The dice holder can specify the prison cell or the prisoner number (not in OP but Ok) 4) They can take off the blinders when inside the cells (hope the lights are on) It is a matter of freedom and doom and everyone should be very efficient.
  7. Everyday, six prisoners: numbered #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 were randomly locked-up inside six prison cells: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]... No one have any information about the other locked-up prisoners. They do not have any means of communications once inside the closed room. During a dinner the warden offered the prisoners to participate in a game of chance. Anyone who can guess all the prisoner's # in every prison cell correctly shall be freed together with one of the other prisoners he selects. If the guess is wrong, both of them shall be hanged. Anyone who wont guess will be hanged. For accepting his challenge he would grant the prisoners request that one of the prison cells must contain a boxed dice to play and share. Provided they can only send it once to other cell and received it once from other cell with the assistance of prison guard. The six prisoners talked it over and all agreed to take the challenge. On the next day they were all locked-up with blindfold .. but they were all saved by the dice. How can this be done?
  8. Thanks for the like Bonanova. Usually when a mechanical watch ran down we adjust the minute and the hour hand as we like but the second hands remains in position and that may not exactly done right. This watch uses only the second hand knob (pull up first) for adjustment.. clockwise or counterclockwise. If we rotate the second hand clockwise..say N marks ,then the hour hand also moves clockwise N marks (same angle). If we rotate the second hand counterclockwise..say M marks ,then the minute hand also moves counterclockwise M marks (same angle) .. When all 3 hands are in correct positions (precise) ,just wait for that time to start it (use other time reference).So you could use this precise time piece.
  9. From the top what a charm pushing down that's strange turning up to the bottom
  10. At 12 minutes before 7 o'clock, the watch has stopped and needed to be rewind. But obviously the second hand is offset by +7 secs.. so it must be corrected before it runs again. To adjust just rotate the second hand clockwise and the hour hand will rotate likewise with the same angle. Rotate the second hand counterclockwise and the minute hand will rotate likewise with the same angle. At what precise time of the watch should it be rewind?
  11. Thanks for noticing Bonanova. I see that point clearly . With Excel I tried to pull the green line nearer to next mark (nearer to six) but the it always snaps back to center. However, your solution is the solution.. When we add the AM time with its same position on PM time it is 12:00:00.. twice on a position per day. If the time is 08:32:26 AM it is true time.
  12. It is 12MN when all the hands of this unusual watch rotates clockwise at proper speeds. But all the hands runs in opposite direction when they strike 12..like a pendulum. What is the real time if it reads false as shown below ?
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