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  1. Hey all, I know I'm new here, but I'd love your opinions! If you don't mind taking three minutes to fill out this survey, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! (And have your puzzling friends fill it out, too!) http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MX8KHJN
  2. I'm certain plainglazed had it before me, but I'll take the win.
  3. Ah. I thought you could add a layer of complexity to the puzzles. The numbers could index in some way into the words to spell a single meta-answer.
  4. I've looked at the spoilered answer above.
  5. One Hundred Rights The following is all but two or three, though I am ordered often just to be. I share an attribute with our green earth and with the U.S. dime in terms of worth. So many men have claimed to marry me despite my rage and some say lunacy. I might be found out twice inside a cup, but only if you turn me facing up. I'm found inside all ice but not the air. For look among the lookers and I'm there. What am I?
  6. Tip: It might be easiest to print out the image so you can physically manipulate the window-cards.
  7. I'm sorry but I can't wait! I hope I didn't just make it too easy!
  8. I may be a fool for posting seeing as how the original poster seems to be MIA, but... Here's a collection of clues amassed so far...
  9. Oh god no. I needed the hints to find the numbers.
  10. Ah, okay. So simple once you find the numbers. Good one.
  11. I got a different answer. EDIT to add:
  12. I got, so far... EDIT to add my positions
  13. How long should I wait before offering a hint?
  14. Also, the image got squished a bit, so it isn't a perfectly square grid. That's an error. The grid should be square, and so the window-cards should cover a 6x3 or 3x6 square area on the grid.
  15. Everything needed to solve the puzzle is posted here. The directions for the puzzle are under the title. Yes, the window-cards must cover the entire grid. EDIT: I meant "for more information" about my book, not this puzzle specifically. Sorry for the confusion. And thanks for the welcome!
  16. My point wasn't that the 23 state changes might possibly be the same single prisoner, but that it is LIKELY that some of the 23 state changes would be from the same prisoner, and so is not a viable solution.
  17. Nope. Look for something that makes this list of words unique.
  18. The answer is a single word. This is a sample puzzle, similar to the isomorphic logic puzzles in my book oh! mega-puzzle. For more information, please see my website ohmegapuzzle.com and my kickstarter project here. Thanks, and good luck!
  19. But he can't switch both switches at once. But all 23 "changed states" could be due to the same single prisoner! But all of the "changed states" could be due to the same single prisoner!
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