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  1. SOUTH CENTRAL PARK | LAST BUT NOT LEAST Battle like children! Network -vs- Laptop School -vs- Diploma Turkey -vs- Panda Quirky -vs- Indistinct Rook -vs- Pawn Dork -vs- Platypi Planet -vs- Cosmic Science -vs- Pagan The answer is a two word phrase. This puzzle is an original by me. It is not straight math or logic, but follows the flavor of The Master Theorem or MIT puzzle hunts. It was originally published on my website here. If you like it, please see my current kickstarter campaign. Good luck!
  2. Actually, I was thinking the same thing, but that doesn't work either. It just kicks the can down the road a bit. If the first guy has to flip S1 up so that the Reporter doesn't count him the first time, he'll only count to 43 and won't know that he doesn't need to count to 44.
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