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  1. I agree we need to lynch MikeD today, but Brainy is making me suspicious. I don't believe she "forgot" to change her vote. Her being the first to vote feels like a "cover" for also being a baddie with MikeD. She claims to be getting redirected, but is she? She hasn't been pushed into a ditch or river. (Or can someone be "redirected" without it appearing in the post?) And now MikeD is throwing in the towel, and voting for Brainy to get the heat off of her....
  2. Hmm okay. Was the RID kill blocked maybe? Would we know if it was unsuccessful if not blocked and Mike isn't the WW?
  3. Let's see if RID works on Mike before we jump to any conclusions AHEM!!
  4. Put the letters we know in order. --ERTYU-O- ASD--H--L --C-BNM Look familiar? QWERTY! EXIT = 13-32-18-15
  5. Had the same idea from the latest of Y-san's clues. Good job.
  6. Well. RID MikeD as WW please.
  7. psykomakia


    GOOSE If 1, ??O?? because G???? is false (GLAZE=0) and ?O?SE is all false (HOUSE=0).
  8. Ah! You tug at the heartstrings! Now I don't know what to do!
  9. I guess I'm not entirely clear on how redirects and whatever work.
  10. Mike may be a baddie. And Cube may be a baddie. Frankly, I think at least one of them is. So I say we RID kill Mike as WW (because Cube claims he is) and lynch Cube. That way, if Mike is the baddie, he'll be RID'd, and if Cube is the baddie, he'll be lynched. Either way: one down, two to go.
  11. Ah okay. But why were you nervous about revealing your role? They don't have RID. (Now I'm not saying we do this, but) we could all reveal our roles and they couldn't get 'back' at us for it by NK'ing and RID'ing us in one night. But WE have RID. IDEA/STRATEGY: What if we vote out Cube, and then RID MikeD to WW. Then we'll surely get a baddie out this round. Either Cube is baddie, and we lynch him, and MikeD isn't the WW (best of both worlds, because we only get rid of a baddie) Or MikeD IS the WW so we RID him, and we sacrificed Cube to get the baddies down to two (at least we got rid of WW for sure). And so... Hosts: flamebirde and Thalia (with MiKi supervising) 1. mewminator- voting for MikeD 2. EDM - voting for TheCube 3. MikeD - voting for gvg 4. gvg - voting for TheCube 5. Brainy - voting for mboon 6. TheCube - voting for MikeD 7. mboon - voting for MikeD 8. marksmanjay 9. psykomakia - voting for TheCube 10. Yodell- Turned to stone by The White Witch
  12. Ah okay. Now this is interesting. The way I see it is that either: a) TheCube is a goodie and has some power that when used N1 made it clear to him that MikeD is a baddie. b) TheCube is a baddie and is simply lying to sway D1 votes. If (a) is true, then he is clearly revealing that he is a goodie by speaking up. So why not reveal HOW he knows that MikeD is a baddie, if he is so sure? (Maybe I'm too much of a noob to not understand this part?) TheCube's "hedging" makes me nervous. I'm certainly willing to vote with him if he reveals his reasoning, but until then, I'm skeptical that perhaps (b) is true.
  13. A shot in the dark. I enter 346291 (the previous code) backwards: 192643
  14. Okay. Well then, I vote for Brainy. JK!! But seriously.... okay. So... Hosts: flamebirde and Thalia (with MiKi supervising) 1. mewminator 2. EDM 3. MikeD - voting for gvg 4. gvg 5. Brainy - voting for mboon 6. TheCube - voting for MikeD 7. mboon 8. marksmanjay 9. psykomakia - voting for mewminator 10. Yodell- Turned to stone by The White Witch Sorry. Blame the roll of the dice! My vote might change if people shed some light on this whole thing.
  15. Can anyone convince me of whom to vote for? I'm sort of in the dark here. Is D1 usually just random?
  16. [i'm home tomorrow, so it won't be a problem for me.]
  17. Figuring out the cipher is part of the cipher.
  18. Using SLICES... 434453 (I hope the Witch doesn't smite us for wrong keypadding ;-)
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